I can't figure out what to do this summer- Any help???

<p>So this summer I have a few options:</p>

<p>A) I got waitlisted in the particular course that I wanted at Columbia University Summer High School Program because I applied at the VERY last moment...Regardless, they still want me to come because they sent me a letter asking me to go into another course. Thing is, the other course isn't really what I want to do.</p>

<p>B) Take Precalculus at my school over the summer. It's basically gonna be me with all the kids who failed Precalc this year. </p>

<p>C) Take a class at the Nation Guitar Workshop (the teacher will actually be one of my favorite guitarists of all time) and then enter a competition at the end (which I probably won't win, but you never know!). Its only 5 days, but it overlaps with the Precalc course at my school and the one at Columbia, so I'd have to choose which one to do.</p>

<p>If I do option B/C, I'll have time to hold down a part-time job at a local supermarket to earn some cash, practice with my band and hopefully score a few shows/write and record some songs, (only in the case of option C- take an online class in Precalculus and go straight to AP Calc BC next year), and then do some research at an ivy league university.</p>

<p>I'm leaning on C, but you never know how important those summer programs could be....any idea?</p>

<p>I say C, because you get to do something you are passionate about (btw, colleges like that), and you have time to get through pre-calc and have a job (which colleges also like). It seems as if option C allows you to get the most things done and be happiest.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>It seems you have already decided. Do what you love to do, do C. B would be benefitial, and if possible do that, too. I agree with thelittlemermaid.</p>

<p>Heads up: I'm an A math student in all my classes prior to pre-calc honors. It might just be my teacher, but I thought it was pretty hard. Taking it online and then going into BC could be a difficult jump.</p>