I can't stand your guts

<p>Does anyone else have a sucky lab partner in their science class? I promise I can't stand my lab partner. I end up basically doing all the labs by myself because he's so freaking complacent. He just stares and I'm like uhhhh you know we need to get started. He is completely incompetent and I feel like I'm manipulating him by making him retrieve the substances we need...but in all actuality I just want to do the lab. It's horrible. I have to hold his hand for anything to be accomplished (not literally of course ;)). I'm so frustrated with the fact we are always the last group to finnish. I always get excited when we do group labs instead of partner labs because then his incapacity for labs isn't as obvious when two others join us. Ironically, I like him as a person. I think he's nice and I have nothing against him personally. I'm just annoyed with his lab abilities. Anyone else have a lab partner they wish they didn't have?</p>

<p>OMGGGGGGGG yeah!!!
i don't want to sound rude/pushover-ish or whatever...but some people are just..... dunno how to say it even lol...well so there's this girl in my ap chem class...shes a nice PERSON...but she's the MOST annoying partner in the world...i think she doesnt mean to be but cant seem to help it lol. Like for example, whenever we're doing something, before doing ANYTHING she'll say "I hope I'm not hogging the lab"...and I'll have to tell her NOOOO HUN WE'RE BOTH DOING A PART SO NO ONES HOGGING ANYTHING...and then there are times when she'll just stand there...its like CANT YOU READ THE SHEET AND FIGURE OUT WHAT TO DO!?!?....have to walk her through every little thing...arghhh its annoying</p>

<p>ps: i hope i dont sound condescending or anything...cuz like i said, she's an awesome person...its just that i wish i didn't have to tell her every little thing when it comes to working in pairs :( </p>

<p>celeb why don't you just take a transfer to my school and be my lab partner?? LOL :D :D</p>

<p>Yes I should! I can be living up there in CANADA with YOU Anita! :p Then we could be great lab partners! :D And friends of course.</p>

<p>haha YEAHHH!!...we'd do our labs quickly and then study the male specimens in our class together...LOLLLLLLLL :D :D :D :p :p :p</p>

<p>What could be better than that? Are you canadians known for your hot men lol?! :p</p>

<p>lolll sadly no....but with chicks like the super duper Stacey and Anita in the class, there are bound to be some hot men in there too...:p :p loll :D</p>

<p>of course! I mean when the dynamic duo sets foot in one place, how could they not come?! :D :cool:</p>

<p>hahaha..... so true!! :cool::D:p</p>

<p>lol celeb you're getting the smiley-disease from me :p haha</p>

<p>I like this disease! :D</p>

<p><em>steps out to call daddio</em></p>


<p>haha </p>

<p><em>steps away from desk to shove brother out of room</em> lol :D</p>

<p>oh you two... (said like in a cheesy old sitcom)</p>

<p>anyway, bad lab partners. A year ago I had a horrible lab partner. We weren't even assigned lab partners, but my school is so small that there were only 6 people in the class, so once ppl pair up, theyre stuck for the year. (and none of my friends were in the class because they were all in a diff science class, i transfered to the school to late to get into that level of science. it's a wierd school.) anyway, he chose me and we were acquantances (sp) so i was like whatever. but he did NOTHING for a year. it was craziness. Luckily he failed chem and was put into a regular science section this year.</p>

<p>haha rachel... yeah me and celeb tend to go off topic like this a LOTTT :p :D lol</p>

<p>Haha... lol that situation actually seems the reverse for me (Celebrian). In my case, the group labs are slow and no one gets anything done. In partner labs, my friend and I seem to work well. LOL, in a way I know how you feel. When people aren't doing what they're supposed to, I get a little frustrated b/c I really want to understand the Physics behind the experiments (this is for AP Physics B), but I just can't sometimes. <em>sigh</em> ...my two cents...</p>

<p>-Jon :)</p>

<p>my lab partners last year for bio were assigned based on a sheet she had us fill out about ourself and she switched us up like every 3 labs so i had some great partners and a couple bad ones. this year for chem we just pick.i usually work with the same person but in general what tends to happen is the 4 boys in the class (me and my partner and the other 2 boys) just seem to float to the same lab station and work together for the labs so all is fine in science labs</p>

<p>HOWEVER lit is another story. my lit teacher looks for lots of detail and my partner just wants to stop and hand it in after doing the bare minimum so i just usually end up doing most of that.</p>

<p>Ha! Bio is another story. I'm in AP Bio too. Our AP Teacher is.... a little.... senile to say the least. It's a great class (when he's not going on and on about enzyme restriction... whatever that is...) LOL j/k. But yeah, we do look forward to the labs!! He screws up occasionaly (my teacher), but we get the labs done and we learn. We did our animal behavior lab recently. That was fun. We got to observe BRINE SHRIMP. I must say... most of the time we were just sittin' around doing nothing, but in the end it was interesting. Labs in AP Bio are pretty infrequent. On the other hand, in AP Physics... it seems like we're always doing a lab.
Working in groups in AP English is.... well almost always fruitless. I usually do most of the analyses and most of the time everyone gets into side conversations. I'll admit, I'm guilty of it occasionally, but mostly I do want to get my work done. <em>sigh</em></p>

<p>-Jon :)</p>

<p>We are assigned lab partners, but since we only do on average about 5 labs/semester (8 for Freshman Science, 3 for Biology, 5 for AP Chem (and the semester just ended)), it really does not matter with whomever I am working. Virtually all the science classes are lecture-based.</p>

<p>My lab partner when I was in Honors Chem was a loser. She shouldn't have been in honors Chem, barely passed the class. I had to do all the calculations for the labs and stuff, and tell her every step of what to do on the lab floor.</p>

<p>Tsk. Tsk... some people are just not scientifically inclined are they? :D <em>sigh</em> ... my two cents</p>

<p>My lab partner last year literally got water and oil confused when I turned away for THIRTY FREAKIN' SECONDS to explain what we did the class before to kids who were absent. I kid you not. He drowned the plant in oil. It was horrendous.</p>

<p>He also took home our mice over christmas break. I cleaned the tank before break so that he wouldn't have to - I think about these things in advance, you see - but he decided he would clean it again anyway, and replaced our woodshavings with wet paper, which in turn killed five out of six.</p>

<p>And he left them in there.</p>


<p>did this count as a grade? i remember we had to grow a plant and grow a "jar" biosphere and if anything died we recieved 0s as quiz grades. i hope that wasnt your case</p>