I can't where to apply! Will chance back quickly.

<p>GPA - 83 (School does not convert) </p>

<p>SATs - 1600/2400 1680/2400
Math - 670
CR - 530
Writing - 480 (Essay 8) </p>

<p>Rank - 152/195 (Bottom 50%) </p>

<p>Courses - About half were honors but no APs. </p>

<p>Senior Year (So far) -1st marking Period - Engineering - 97, English - 75, Physics - 78, Pre-Calc - 54, and Economics - 79. 2nd marking period - Engineering 90-100, English - 60-64, Physics - 70-79, Pre-Calc - 61, Economics - 70-79. </p>

<p>EC's - Varsity Soccer </p>

<p>Me - Male, White, Income - $120,000(In NY is not a lot), Live in NY near West Point. </p>

<p>Major (hopefully) - Mechanical Engineering </p>

<p>Schools - (in order)
University of Delaware - applying
University of Massachusetts Amherst - applying
Penn State University Park - rejected
University of Maryland College Park - legacy - should I apply?
University of Connecticut - should I apply?
SUNY Stony Brook - applied
University of New Hampshire - applying
Penn State Berks - accepted</p>

<p>Should apply to other schools, more schools, or is this good?</p>

<p>UDEL: Reach
UMASS: Possible Match
UMCP: High Reach.
UCONN: Low Reach.
UNH: In</p>

<p>You really hurt yourself with the low class grades, if there's a reason you should explain that to the schools. Your EC'S are lacking, try to make up for it with more volunteering.
-Apply to Manhattan College and Drexel they both have EXCELLENT engineering programs, and from what your grades are you have a shot.</p>