I cheated

I cheated on my midterms and I don’t know what to do. I got caught and the teacher is going to give me a 0. How do I tell my parents about this.

There’s no easier way than to just get it out of the way and tell them. If you have concerns or don’t know how to begin, consider speaking to your school counselor. They can help with approaching them and how to process this life lesson so that you have a positive outcome from this experience.

Have you cheated before? Was this the first time you got caught? Why did you feel the need to cheat? Your academic integrity should be what is on your mind right now and not how you might tell your parents. Once you sort the academic integrity part out the rest will follow.

I think that you should tell them and see if there is a possibility to have a hearing with your school and get it expunged from your academic record for college admissions.

Please know that you will be okay. Take a deep breath. This must be very stressful for you. Integrity is important and so is owning up to mistakes. Take a few moments to examine how you feel right now. Practice saying “I made a mistake, I feel _______, I regret what I did and I want to tell you about it.” This is all Step One.
Once you’ve told your parents you can start Step Two and reflect upon why you cheated. Be honest with yourself here.
Step Three will be for sincere apologies to those involved and self forgiveness.
You are young. Everyone makes mistakes. This is not insurmountable. Good luck and please post again later to update how it’s going because I’m sure it will be beneficial to future students going through your current situation.