I chose Kenyon over ______________________

Just wanted to have a look at the kinds of colleges you guys didn’t commit to and instead chose Kenyon.
Any input will be helpful

My daughter chose Kenyon over Notre Dame, Case Western, University of Rochester, Denison. She is very happy there— for her, it was a perfect fit.

Kenyon was the only official decision my son received before pulling his apps. We do know unofficially that he got into Wooster w/ substantial merit.

I chose Kenyon over:
Tufts, Tulane, WashU, OSU, UNC, Vandy, Ithaca, Reed, UMich, Amherst

I chose Kenyon over Brown, Reed, Carleton, St. Olaf, NYU, and Fordham.

Wow! These replies are amazing!

It would be appreciated if posters can share their reasons beyond listing those “over” schools.

For those reading this next winter/spring, I’ll say that after all the accepts were in and all the visits done, my daughter, like many who got into Kenyon, ended up with a list of very attractive schools any of which would have likely been an excellent choice. Many of them ticked all the important boxes for her! In the end, the people she met on her visits stood out to her as the people she’d like to go to school with, and perhaps that pushed Kenyon over the edge.

Visiting schools far away during a busy senior spring is really hard to do, but is really worth it.

I chose Kenyon over Vassar and Boston University (because of merit scholarships), Fordham (because of smaller class sizes and closer teacher/student relationships), and Ohio State (combination of previous 2 reasons). Can’t wait to start in the fall! Like pn24601 said, my admitted student day really sealed the deal for me on Kenyon. I could totally imagine my place in the campus community.

Carleton, Macalester, Bates, Grinnell, Oberlin.

Daughter thought English at Kenyon was the best she’d seen, and the rural vibe was just what she was looking for after high school in a major metropolitan area.