i Clicker

<p>Just saw my list of books today! However, I saw that there were two separate rows for i Clickers. One for Gen Chem and one for Honors Bio. Do I need to get two or would one suffice for both?</p>

<p>Not sure. Because you register your clicker serial number online, but since it's two different courses it should work for both.</p>

<p>Whats an i clicker?</p>

<p>its a remote with buttons A B C D. Typically used for science courses for questions presented on the projector. When I took How Things Work, the prof gave us 1/8 of a point towards our gpa for every clicker question we got right.</p>

<p>Just get one! I've used the same iclicker for 2 years now, for a number of classes.</p>

<p>Thanks Alix!!! That helped alot haha</p>