I corrected my FAFSA, do I tell the schools?

<p>Do i tell the schools I corrected it?
Also, will it be reprocessed, or no?</p>

<p>Have the taxes been finished and filed? Have you connected to the IRS link to put in the actual numbers? Once that all is completed, make sure you have the schools you want listed and then hit submit. It will be reprocessed and the schools will know, as long as you submit.</p>

<p>The taxes were filed and I corrected my info, but I haven't connected to the IRS link. Is that necessary? I thought you only did that if you were chosen to verify the info. </p>

<p>Also I just did my taxes sunday and corrected the fafsa the same day, so the electronic info isn't available yet.</p>

<p>I believe that the schools will receive all of the corrections you made automatically.
I would recommend you to link your FAFSA to the IRS directly so that you won't have to provide a copy of your return to the fin aid office (it slows down the process!..) This function is available if you filed your taxes at least a week ago (it was my case, at least). You can link it even after you have completed your FAFSA.</p>

<p>I also filed my taxes and corrected my FAFSA on the same day. Will going back into FAFSA again and linking to the IRS slow things down? Is it early enough in the process that it won't matter for 2012-2013 awards?</p>

<p>Once you hit submit the first time (back in January?) then that gave you a "place in line" or submission number. You can keep amending and updating with no penalty. There should be no slow down because you posted an amendment.</p>

<p>Yes, in January. Thank you. As soon, as I get confirmation from the IRS I will link the FAFSA and IRS. That is fantastic that there will be no slowing down of the process. Another worry off my plate.</p>

<p>^ Ah... this might be explain something for me. Does the IRS send a confirmation? If so, what is it a confirmation of? Processed?</p>

<p>The IRS doesn't send a confirmation in terms of FAFSA. If you file electronically, you get a confirmation that your return has been accepted. You won't get any type of confirmation of the availability of your return for linking with FAFSA, though. The tool is user-oriented ... you say, "Link me." The IRS is not involved in any way other than to send the info to the FAFSA (if it's available in their system at the time) when you request it through the FAFSA tool.</p>

<p>OK, was just wondering if IRS sent an email to say that the taxes had been processed. I realize the tool is user oriented.</p>

<p>I use TurboTax, and I get an email confirmation when my tax return is accepted. It still takes time after that for the return to be ready in the IRS system for the FAFSA link (I am not sure why).</p>

<p>so back to the OP's original question...
I had completed my taxes and filed the FAFSA stating taxes filed. My accountant then called with a correction and I have updated and resubmitted the FAFSA. not a major change but a change all the same (he had forgotten the education credits!)</p>

<p>Do I need to notify the colleges since it is after their filing deadline?</p>