i couldnt get my class!!

<p>So its my phase II of telebears--
and i sign on exactly at 3 pm,
hoping to get my math 1a class</p>

<p>i pray and pray
BUT! both the class and waiting list are full
i try the other math 1a classes
and suddenly theyre all full too! wth~</p>

<p>this is a prereq class i NEED .
what do i do here?
just go to class and the discussions i want
and keep going til they add me?</p>

<p>and i have fewer than the minimum 13 units of classes right now..
shoudl i sign up for some random classes
and drop them later on so im actually enrolled??</p>


<p>You should definitely pick a class that you would actually consider taking in order to meet the 13 unit minimum right now. As for your last class.. You could try to get into the class, but that might be alot of work and not even work out in the end. Maybe you should just wait for next semester and be sure to sign up for it in Phase I.</p>

<p>I'm in the same boat.</p>

<p>I'm in the math1a lecture, but the discussions that fit my schedule are all full. It seems that schedule.berkeley.edu isn't updated as much as I'd like to think they are.</p>

<p>It shows a couple that have avail seats, yet when I check on telebears, it shows as full. I don't want to have to drop and re-add my class (thus losing my place in the waiting list line [I'm number #3..I hope I get in]), but i wanna check for other open sections....</p>

<p>Any ideas/advice?</p>

<p>D tried for math 1a on phase 1, class open, no open discussions, so it would not let her register at all
now the only one with openings conflicts with another class she wants- why are so many classes MWF 3-4???
the bummer is if you schedule around that class and don't get in, you are messed up for the term.</p>

<p>I think D has decided to wait for math 1a in the spring...hoping she missed out because she could not attend Calso.
Yeah, I am a mom checking this, only becasue she was out of the country with only sporadic internet access and I had to do some registering for her, so am trying not to mess it up too much!</p>

<p>It is bizarre the way it shows avail seats, but still a wait list!!</p>

<p>who wouldve thought scheduling would be so stressful...</p>

<p>well. i guess.. i shoudl probably take math 1a in the spring then..
im an intended MCB major.. meaning. i would be falling behind and stuff..
i think.</p>

<p>SIGH. does this mean i'd have to take summer school?
or something? i dont really know what the implications of not taking
math 1a fall semester woudl be..</p>

<p>Isn't great how we pay thousands of dollars (in addition to all the money the taxpayer pays as well), and we can't even get the classes we wan't? It's absolutely absurd.</p>

<p>i got into all the impacted classes i wanted by carefully checking the schedule everyday for the last month and coming up with multiple plans in case the various discussion sections i needed to take became too full or too empty. if you didn't get the classes you wanted, im sorry. do learn to beat the system for next time.</p>

<p>Beat the system? eww you're annoying! I checked pretty much everyday as well and the third section of Math 1a looks pretty open.... Something is not working correctly...</p>

<p>jeeze, finemeal...</p>

<p>anyway, you cannot go by the amount of people it says are enrolled off of the Online Search of Schedule, you have to click the link that says "Click here for current enrollment information and course restrictions"</p>

<p>For example:
Compare the enrollment shown for this Theater 24 (1) class:
<a href="http://sis.berkeley.edu/OSOC/osoc?p_term=FL&p_classif=L&p_deptname=Theater%2C+Dance%2C+and+Performance+Studies&p_dept=&p_course=&p_title=&p_instr=&p_exam=&p_ccn=&p_day=&p_hour=&p_bldg=&p_units=1&p_restr=&p_info=&p_updt=&x=68&y=12%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://sis.berkeley.edu/OSOC/osoc?p_term=FL&p_classif=L&p_deptname=Theater%2C+Dance%2C+and+Performance+Studies&p_dept=&p_course=&p_title=&p_instr=&p_exam=&p_ccn=&p_day=&p_hour=&p_bldg=&p_units=1&p_restr=&p_info=&p_updt=&x=68&y=12&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>With what you get with the link:
<a href="http://infobears.berkeley.edu:3400/osc/?_InField1=RESTRIC&_InField2=88033&_InField3=05D2%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://infobears.berkeley.edu:3400/osc/?_InField1=RESTRIC&_InField2=88033&_InField3=05D2&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>See the difference? The number on the Waiting List changes. The second link is more accurate.</p>

<p>It's a pain, I ended up adding certain classes to my Favorites and checking them everyday...sigh...one of my classes filled up two days before my appt, I'm on a waitlist for one. :( But I'm shopping a few classes.</p>

<p>Man, I'm wailisted in the harshest Writing R1A class. So worried !!!</p>

<p>It's almost impossible to see how this all works. Chem lab is 4 hours long. It eliminates 90% of possible classes that you could take. I had a perfect schedule for my first two classes, and now they're interfering with my other two.</p>

<p>I couldnt get that 8am Math 16A class...I really needed it since im trying to double major in econ and history - I'm afraid things like this can set back the graduation. So instead of Math 16A I enrolled in Economics 1 to stay on track. Just how difficult is that class for a first semester student? That's really the only thing I'm concerned about. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!</p>

<p>Anyone else get an error when clicking </p>

<p>"Click here for current enrollment information and course restrictions"</p>

<p>in some classes?</p>