I definately just missed the deadline.....

<p>Alright, so I am a perfectionist so I procrastinated writing my essays till the last minute, and as a result, screwed myself.</p>

<p>First I tried to submit my app. to one school at like 9:45 - turns out the window closed at 9:30.</p>

<p>For another school, using the common app I may have put the wrong expiration date for the credit card due to sleep deprivation. Not only this, but the payment went on the record as being made on 1/16. Not only this, but I only submitted the main part of the common app. on 1/15, and didn't realize till 12:04 you needed to go to the Supplements page and submit that from their as well. (and this was an all in one institution).</p>

<p>What should I do? Am I toast, or can I just send the supplement in the mail and make calls to the schools?</p>

<p>yeah, i am confused. mine all say "submitted 1/16" even though i am in the pacific time zone.</p>

<p>^ time stamps are all EST</p>

<p>so will my school know/care that i am in pacific time?</p>

<p>looks like I will be spending tomorrow on the phone with admissions....</p>

<p>Hope they will accept stuff late....</p>

<p>i can still submit my stuff though. so does that mean i am okay?</p>

<p>good luck, aodh.</p>

<p>I was told that it would show EST but if I was PST - it's okay. Of course, I got that info from one person. I hope they were correct because that is what happened to me.</p>

<p>ya me too..</p>

<p>for what schools,
I turned most of mine in CA and most of them have downloaded already.</p>

<p>Haha... It's the second wave of procrastinators. There's still Jan 20 and Feb 1.</p>

<p>well for me is,,,,, for emory supplement, the regular decision section was gone after 15 min....</p>

<p>omg , i am gonna spend all day tomorrow writing paper application all day tomorrow and talking to them on the phone</p>

<p>hey qtip, you can just try to print the common app that you already did.</p>

<p>wow , i didn't even realize that.. haha</p>

<p>thanx a lot. thank you whole bunch haha</p>