I did not submit my IGETC ceritifcation yet :( help please!!

I am transferring this Fall and I didn’t know that the sending IGETC certificate is mandatory because the myucla page did not mention about it. All they asked was the transcript and proof of residency. However, I checked my audit today to check what courses I will need to take and it is saying that I need to submit my Igetc certification. I was at SMC and the SMC site saying submission for Igetc certification was ended July 31. What should I do??? I am so panic. Please help!!

Submit it.

contact the SMCC xfer center and they should be able to help you. https://www.smc.edu/student-support/academic-support/transfer-center/index.php

It is due by September 1, just submit it now you’re all good dont stress:)