I didn't finish the essay...am I doomed?

<p>I took the April 4th ACT test w/ writing...but I didn't finish it. I think I had an intro, body1, body2, and the beginning of the 3rd body paragraph. I read the grading rubric for ACT essays and it seems like a conclusion was necessary for almost all scores. Does any one know if that means I will going to get like a 0 or 1? Is it possible to get an average score with an incomplete essay? Your help would be greatly appreciated...I'm ready to tear my hair out... ToT</p>

<p>you wont get a 0 or 1, but i wouldnt expect anything higher than 5-6</p>

<p>tip for the future (if youre planning on taking it again), the graders would rather have the essay have a finished feel with a conclusion than a longer essay that just ends in the middle of a paragraph...
just for next time...try to include a conclusion =]</p>

<p>I have not finished the essay (no conclusion) on the ACT and got a score of 11. My essay was long and used up all the space and had no space left for the conclusion. My essay was otherwise good. I would not worry.</p>