I didnt get my Ib diploma

helloo everyone who is in the same situation or not!

i didnt get my ib diploma and i have already been accepted in a US university, in the acceptance letter it says that my offer can be withdrawn if I dont get scores similar to the ones that got me my admission. And I didnt. I applied with 33 points predicted and I got 24 points. I didnt get my diploma because i didnt get the 12 points for my HL subjects. Also my HLs arent related to the degree i applied for. I did very well in the subject that I need for my future studies.

I dont know what to do.

Should I email the university?
Should I resit the exams again and try to get the diploma?
Do unis even accept you without a diploma?

Im completely lost and feel like theres no one I can relate too, at this point.

I would think you should contact your university ASAP.

Ignoring the problem won’t make it go away.

Good luck!

You need to contact the regional admissions officer at your college right away. If you do nothing, and start college, at some point you are going to be asked for those scores and possibly be booted out, forfeiting your money. Ask what your options are, and include your school counselor in the email.

Email your representative at the college.
List all your scores, one by one, including for EE, CAS, etc. (indicating the scale!)
Explain your SLs correlate more to your choice of major but unfortunately your HLs didn’t reach the required 12 points. Do they recommend you push enrollment back by a semester so that you can resit the exams (do they recommend a switch in subject?*) Or can you start in the Fall as planned?

*Since Tuesday HLs don’t correlate well with your academic interests, it may make sense to take your SLs as HLs and vice versa.

Thank you so much, I am gonna email them and see what they say. Fingers crossed.

OP - my daughter was in the IB program and her scores were also lower than her predicted scores on the application. It had no impact on her enrollment at the college because she still had the GPA (she received As even though her IB scores were lower) and she did get her diploma. The only thing was she didn’t get college credits for some IB courses where she received lower points.

If your school also give out letter grades in class, as long as you maintained your GPA and that’s on your transcript then you should be fine. Some international schools use IB points as letter grades, if that’s the case then you will need to talk to your future college.
In the US schools, AP scores are not reported for admission. A student could get an A in class and still score a 1 for AP and would not get rescinded from school.

Do you graduate high school if you don’t have your diploma?

(Many international schools won’t let students graduate if they don’t have the IBD and without HS graduation no college enrollment. If you can graduate based on grades even without the IBD then your college may well say it’s ok).

Yes, I have received a certificate from my school which says I have completed the ibdp at my school. Also, my school doesnt have an AP system, it is only IB and IGSCE.

Do i mention the upper and lower boundary for each subject score? when i email them

Depends on how used to IB the college is.
Do specify that you’re graduating high school even without the IBD.

What’s going to be on your transcript, letter grades or IB scores? If it is letter grades then I am not sure if IB scores matter.
The only reason I mentioned APs is US colleges view IB scores as AP scores. They do not consider them when determining whether you have met their requirements.

If your school uses IB scores as your GPA then I would be more concerned.

We use IB grading system (numbers) in my school but my school uses its own grade boundaries.

UPDATE: i got in! they were upset that i scored low but didnt mind not getting the diploma. They also gave me a warning that if i fail to do good in uni, i can expect myself to transfer to another uni.

Very happy everything worked out! Hope everything goes well at your uni

Its kind of like getting low scores on AP tests…it means you need to take the course again in college…hopefully you will do well as you have been exposed to the material.

Contact seems like the best option. Even if they don’t like it, showing that you were honest enough to come forward about it will likely be seen better than if they discover it and you suddenly have to answer for yourself.