I do apologize

<p>Garland, it's fiction. It is shelved in the Religion section at Borders, but I don't consider it a "religious" book.</p>

<p>Someone has quipped that we now have sins of "Omission, Commission, and Emission." :)</p>

<p>...extending some metaphors -- although I don't know that I can say this in a clean way, & I guess this is a family board. Oh well, insiders or old-timers will know what I'm talking about. The Emission label reminds me of another term with double-entendre, perhaps unintended. We all know what we're talking about when we refer to the synonym for a sudden, quick, exclamatory prayer.;) (Sometimes it was fun growing up Catholic.)</p>

<p>I get it! I grew up Catholic, and I remember reading my parents' copy of The Baltimore Catechism like it was a forbidden novel. My parents never did teach us that stuff ...</p>

<p>epiphany, I get it ;).</p>

<p>I grew up Catholic <em>and</em> Jewish, a somewhat rare combination. I don't consider either of them to be majority religions, although I realize Christianity may still be the majority religious group in this country if you add all the denominations together.</p>

<p>I will say that my Jewish half has heard a lot more discriminatory, hateful and/or bigoted remarks than my Catholic half. I can actually remember the single time in my fairly long life that anyone directed such a remark to my face regarding my Catholic heritage. </p>

<p>I was taken aback, but not offended, by the thread title. But I had to click on and read part of the thread to know what was going on and where the OP was coming from. Good of you, razorsharp, to take the time to come back and make clear that your intentions were <em>pure</em> (another slightly inside joke to those of us with any years of Catholic schooling).</p>

<p>And, hey, kelsmom... while you had to read the Baltimore catechism on the sly, I thought everyone was like me: I do believe I had it memorized cover to cover by 2nd or 3rd grade. Although, at this point, my aging memory can only do about the first 3 or 4 questions by heart.</p>