I do apologize

<p>I started a thread that apparently some folks may have found offensive. I don't want to mention the details of the thread and hope others won't but those of you who were offended know what I talking about. I really did not intend to offend anyone. My objective was to question what seemed contrary to my beliefs, opinions, and perspectives. I should have done a better job of presenting it in a more subtle way. I am sorry if I offended any of the fine members of this forum.</p>

<p>I think I know which thread. I thought it was tongue in cheek, but I know that the subject matter tends to be something many don't find humorous. Guess it's better left alone. I also apologize if my comments offended. They certainly weren't meant to offend.</p>

<p>If you're talking about the "Catholic [sins]" thread, let me be the first, as a Catholic, to say that I was additionally amused by some of the Vatican's statements. Most Catholics with a sense of humor do bash their own hierarchy with some regularity.;) So I did not take offense myself, and I also appreciate your sincerity, nevertheless.
As an aside, I actually think that this is more about Confession than anything else. (There's been a lot of publicity about the near-extinction of this practice; most American parishes consider themselves lucky to see a sizeable portion of the faithful show up maybe once a year, about this time; in addition, the same drop-off in the practice has occurred in Europe as well.)</p>

<p>There are indeed some ironies in this list (particularly the reference to wealth). However, it is also true that there's a feeling that industrialized countries have encouraged or supported increasing levels of avarice for the sake of avarice, which is not a Christian value.</p>

<p>razor - I just noticed the thread was gone...and wanted to say I didn't mind the actual discussion, but was personally taken aback by the thread title.</p>

<p>And I do think it is curious, on CC, we all feel more comfortable dissecting Christian beliefs and views but shy away from those of other religions. That does bother me a little. Not that I mind discussing Christianity (I LOVE a good religious debate!), but I mind that I, like most others here, seem to be so squeamish about doing the same with other religions. I just have to wonder....why is that?</p>

<p>"And I do think it is curious, on CC, we all feel more comfortable dissecting Christian beliefs and views but shy away from those of other religions."</p>

<p>Probably because the majority of the CC people who are religious are Christian just as is the case with people in the U.S. It's usually considered OK to joke about something that's yours instead of something that's what other people believe or do.</p>

but was personally taken aback by the thread title.


ldmom 06, I apolozige for offending you. I should have done a better job of presenting my view and thread title in way that might have avoided your reaction.</p>

<p>Wow, I wish I'd seen the thread. I love watching people get all flustered. </p>

<p>I'm curious, several people here seem to be making a distinction between Christian and Catholic? Am I reading that wrong? Or did a discussion of Catholicism's beliefs wander off into other religions' beliefs?</p>

<p>I think the Pope just came out with a new list of either mortal sins or grievous sins and skipped over stuff like lust and gluttony in favor of things like....owning too much stuff??? It was in our paper yesterday and now I've forgotten it. Wish I hadn't missed this thread before it got poofed.</p>

<p>epiphany - it didn't occur to me this might have to do with confession. since Easter if swift upon us, it's time to do your Easter duty and make that annual confession (i'm catholic), which i must confess (!) i haven't done in years.</p>

<p>There is a book out there called "Growing Up Catholic" that is just hilarious, esplly for baby boomer Catholics. It sorts out the whole sin hierarchy, resuscitates the milk bottle example (and other Baltimore catechism oddities), reminds you how your social status is reflected in where you sit in the church, and lots of other stuff. Keeping track of all those rules is probably what made me the nit picky ocd person I am today.</p>

<p>note: there weren't any "rules" about where to sit in church, it just tended to work out a certain way. one usually didn't notice it, but when the book points out the pattern you have a little aha moment of recognition.</p>

<p>No biggie razor. To me, the larger issue is what I stated in #4, which may be very well explained by NSM in #5. </p>

<p>(Though I still think Christianity is still a little bit more 'fair game' than other religions. But that's okay...Christians are used to it. ;) )</p>

<p>Dmd, I didn't see Razor's thread, but it's interesting that you bring up the distinction between Catholics & Christians. I'm assuming the thread was about Pope Benedict's new list of mortal sins? I was driving yesterday morning & started yelling at the radio newscaster (she couldn't hear me, unfortunately) that all Christians don't follow the Pope's instructions, only Christians of the Roman Catholic denomination. I imagine she got a few e-mails from Christians who consider us Catholics "Popists" and followers of the anti-Christ.</p>

<p>Actually, the way I read the article, there wasn't an official revision issued by the Pope. It was a caution by a Vatican official to priests regarding modern day sins and how they jibe with the original deadly sins. The purpose was to enhance the confessional experience and educate priests who hear confession. (And it was more a dig at globilization than anything else.)</p>

<p>Seems the press is doing a bad job of translating and reporting. Just my take.</p>

<p>I missed the thread and the article, plus, I'm not Catholic. In fact, I hesitate to call myself "Christian" in the usually understood sense, though I am definitely a follower of Jesus. And, it seems pretty clear to me that he was really not in favor of people owning too much stuff--actually did discuss that much more than, say, lust or gluttony--and in fact, he seems to be downright against it. Just my take, of course.</p>

Seems the press is doing a bad job of translating and reporting. Just my take.

Completly agree.</p>

<p>Garland, have you read "Joshua," by Joseph Girzone? It sounds like something you might enjoy. It's one of my favorites.</p>

<p>Perhaps this serves as a gentle reminder that people have diffferent senses of humor, and sublety often doesn't translate too well through the <a href="http://www"&gt;www&lt;/a>. As I mentioned in the short-lived thread (and I also didn't notice that it was gone) is that it appeared to me that the intent of the thread (or perhaps, as ldmom said- at the very least the title) was to be inflammatory. Perhaps that was not the intent, but that is how it semed to me. As I am not a catholic, I wasn't personally offended by it, and I only WISH I had enough $$ to be offended by the fire and brimstone proclamations for those with excessive wealth! As an aside, I happened to be reading message boards in some financial websites yesterday. I don't know if the multiple nasty posts about Jews in the financial market that I stumbled into yesterday was because of the 400 point rise in the market yeterday, because of Spitzers' shenanigans announced yesterday, or just because..... but I think that derogatory comments towards some minority religions is less tolerated than humorous, tongue-in-cheek comments about a majority religious classification. I really don't know-- I am just thinking aloud. Either way, especially when it comes to religion, politics or other hot button topics, extra caution is probaly advised.</p>

<p>I don't think Christians are more ridiculed at all. I've heard this from students and I just don't get it. I don't see religious paraphenalia of other religions or ideas of other religions directing government policy or religious debate. And I don't see the holy books of other religions sweared upon in court or at inaugurations. </p>

<p>mercymom: I find your name funny in the context of your posts! (I mean funny cute, not a criticism.)</p>

<p>mythmom -</p>

<p>thanks! it is slowly occuring to me that someone must think the "mercy" relates to religion, maybe. in another thread some one criticized points made by christcorp and me by saying something like, "well just look at the screen names". shortly after that post was poofed(not by me). i wanted to ask, "what the heck does that mean?" </p>

<p>fwiw - while i certainly can't speak for christcorp (who i totally don't know, but respect his opinions), the mercy doesn't stand for anything religious, it is just related to something in my life, but nothing to do with religion.</p>

<p>Okay, I kind of suspected that, but it just struck me funny. I like these little coincidences. And now that we're all apologizing, I didn't mean to make assumptions.</p>

<p>And my name has elicited all sorts of misreadings, too. Part of the fun!</p>

<p>Kelsmom. I'll look fo r it. Fiction or nonfiction?</p>