I don’t know what to major in...

I’m applying early to all of my schools, and I’m not sure what to put down as my major.
I’m really not sure exactly what I want to do in life yet, but I know that animal science, psychology, and business interest me. Should I choose one of those majors to put down as my top choice, or just go undecided? What would give me a better chance in admissions? Thanks !

Just go undecided. At most colleges, what you put as your major won’t affect your admissions chances.

Some schools do require you to apply to a specific major, but you’ll know if they do, and then you can think about it more then.

(One note, though, is that some business schools/programs do require you to apply separately, even if normally you don’t have to apply to a specific major at that university.)

Depending on the college, it’s safer to go undecided.

If you select an impacted or competitive major, you might end up wait-listed or rejected because you don’t meet the qualifications compared to other applicants. I applied for two similar colleges with similar rankings - one as undecided, and the other as architecture - even though I wasn’t even sure if I was interested in architecture.

The latter school didn’t accept me, but the other school did. I ended up taking a few intro courses (anthropology, psychology, geology) my first quarter, and anthropology really resonated with me so I chose it as my major the next quarter.

While there aren’t any benefits of going in undecided, it means you won’t be disqualified for something you may end up not even doing.