I don’t know

Hey so this fall I’m supposed to be attending Loyola New Orleans tuition below $5k a semester, I would be a standing sophomore with a major in international business but I’m not sure about going there because I’ve so much horrible things about the city and what happening now, my other choices were either Penn state as an undeclared with a Tuition around $26, 000 And my other choice is Loyola Chicago with the tuition around $23,000 with an intended major in international business also a standing sophomore.

I plan to transfer for my junior year of college hopefully to colleges either like Vanderbilt ,brown university or duke. My other plan is to either have one more semester at a community college that I was attending and then Transfer.

If your reading this you can maybe tell my head is all over the place and that I’m still trying to figure things out.

So you’re planning on Loyola for 1 year then a 3rd school for your last 2?

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What is your budget? What is your budget without taking on any debt?

What is your college GPA? What was your high school GPA?

You’ve heard horrible things about the city…but have you been to the city? The school is not in the city. The school has a nearby street car to the city.

The school is next to Tulane - which is in that same vein as Vanderbilt…just a half notch below and as a Loyola student you can take two classes each semester.

Learn for yourself - don’t just hear something and assume that’s how it is. You can get a wonderful education in a city with wonderful culture but be housed in a perfectly safe place, with access to a much more expensive school most dream about.

Note that these schools do not offer business majors. For your indicated interests, you might consider USC (Moore), however.