I don't get it- Please help with questions!

<p>If you choose to "send in a paper essay" for the common app personal essay- does that mean you have to mail the whole thing? (the only benefit of that would be double spacing)</p>

<p>Can you underline the title using the online form?</p>

<p>If you use the onlne formatting is there a way to indent?</p>

<p>If you send it online, does it have to be before nov 1- or do I have monday to continue working on it <em>blush</em>?</p>

<p>On the Yale website's FAQs they say you can attach a resume but also fill out the common app activity list.. my problem is ntot the activity length, but the amount of awards/positions/honors- it just doesn;t fit in the box. How do you suggest formatting that- ignore their request and just do separate? or perhaps say see attached in the awards column?</p>


<p>can anyone help with any part of my questions? I'd be most grateful</p>

<p>what do I need to do to get some help? Bribe with offers of admission?</p>

<p>I'll do my best ritzbitz, but I sent in a paper app so I haven't dealt with some of these things first hand. I don't believe you can do any real formatting, including indentiations, if you submit the app online, but if you put your text into notepad, it will make it a little easier to at least get the spacing between paragraphs to be consistent. The online app must also be submitted by Nov 1, so no extra working time, sorry. I can't really help you with the awards/positions/honors thing, for mine I just picked the one award/position/honor that I felt most important per activity, and if I needed to I expanded on that in my attached resume. Finally, I do not know Yale's policy on your first question about submitting a paper essay, but submitting the rest online. My uninformed advice would to either send it all in on paper, or all in electronically. I know some schools allow you to submit the app online and the essay in paper form, but the ones I have seen do that have specifically said that applicants are allowed to do it.
Sorry I can't offer definite answers for all your questions. Hope it helps and good luck finishing up your application!</p>

<p>thanks for the help! i would offer yuou admission if i could! anyone else have any ideas?</p>