I don't know what to do over summer

<p>I know its kinda far but i got to do all these apps now which is very frustrating!
I finished NIST intern, Clark scholars, will do UMD young scholars, NIH intern, apply for my local volunteer rescue squad, one week volunteer trip
I don't know how many I'll get accepted in to (most likely NIST, UMD, Rescue)-->Mechengineering
I really would like to do something with Lockheed martin/boeing/ford but do they accept high school juniors? I plan on visiting 3 colleges before may 5th then one or two more over the summer. If all else fails: local store job and take a few classes at UMD or Community college. Does this seem like okay plan, to forced, or not enough options.</p>

<p>^I also practice for water polo starting April tues. thurs. sat. And study for second SAT</p>

<p>This made me think of "I Know What You Did Last Summer"</p>

<p>^what lololol i didn't like that movie so much</p>