I don't know where to go...?

I have received all my acceptances and rejection letters and I’m not sure which school to pick… I’m choosing between UCSD, UCI, and Cal Poly Pomona. I got accepted into Cal Poly Pomona for Computer Science, UC Irvine for Software Engineering, and UC San Diego(Eleanor Roosevelt College) as Undeclared( applied for Computer Science but didn’t get in D: ).

I really want to go to UCSD but am afraid that I might not get into the computer science major when I reapply… and I heard that MMWs for ERC are really hard and all history/writing courses… If Irvine, should I try switching into Computer Science and ditch Software Engineering? How does Cal Poly Pomona rank?

What do you guys think??

Thanks :smiley:

Almost in the same boat. Applied for CS but got undeclared at UCSD and UCI. Got in for software engineering at Cal Poly SLO and for CS at Davis, and Georgia Tech.

I really want to go to UCSD but I’m scared I won’t get in for my major. HELPPPP

These are the ERC GE requirements:
While there’s a 5-course sequence in interdisciplinary social science and history, it’s equivalent to the different humanities and social science requirements in other colleges.
If UCI, compare the first year path for CSE/sofware E and CS, to see how much overlap there is - I bet there is. If you do very well in CSE, you should be able to switch to CS, and if you don’t, well… it’s bad news both for CSE and CS so you’ll have to re-orient your major choices.

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There isn’t really many undergraduate rankings that are meaningful. These are all Uni’s in CA which is a positive and convenient place to be for your major and all these schools are recruited and hired. UCI has a quite large department.

I would go with the one you are already in the major.

I agree with @bopper. Choose either UCI or CPP since you got a direct admit. If money is not an issue, UCI would be an excellent choice. CPP will also give you a great education for a lot less.