I don't know whether or not to drop Spanish

There are huge pros and cons for continuing Spanish:

Pros (why I should keep it):

  • It has gotten me into 2 honors societies and if I quit I will be kicked out of both of them (those are my only honors societies I will probably ever get into)
  • Every year I am placed into honors and get over 100% each time (I have been doing it for 3 years)
  • I MAAAAAAY want to pursue med-school
  • I am very passionate about world languages
  • I am well on a track to completely AP Spanish with a high grade

Cons (why I should drop it):

  • I don’t like the language. I am not passionate about it at all and I hate speaking it in public (which I have to do pretty often in my community)
  • My dream is to move to Japan, and Spanish classes simply take time away from when I could be studying a language I love vastly more: Japanese (I hope to eventually self-study AP Japanese on my own, although the grade might not be as high as if I took AP Spanish with a class) ((although if I take med-school than Spanish would be vastly superior))
  • If I drop Spanish, I will have room in my Spanish to continue one of my favorite classes: Filmmaking
  • I could not care less about Hispanic culture, which is like 25% of the class. I don't have any interest in moving to a Spanish-speaking country
  • It gives me a lot of stress because it reminds me of the fact that I should have taken Chinese because I am very interested in East Asia and have a lot of Asian friends. Life is too short to pursue something that I do not enjoy

TL;DR: I hate Spanish but it drastically boosts my college-app as I am really good at it. I want to get into a good college but I am also stressed out about the fact that I am literally going to have to take it for a total of 5 years (but I only have 2 left).

Selective colleges want to see 3-4 years of FL.

Really? So how much would it hurt my chances in getting into an Ivy League school even with a <4.0 GPA if I decide to drop it? I have already taken Spanish 1 (self-study), 2 (standard), and 3 (honors). I have been approved for Spanish 4 honors.

I will have to drop a few honors societies so keep that in mind. I want to major in an engineering or science.

If you’re aiming for highly selective colleges then take Spanish through level 4, including culture, history and some literature.
Keep self studying Japanese: You’ll need to take some Foreign Language classes in college and at that point you can choose Japanese.

It really takes some time for someone to learn about a certain culture and language of a certain country. I feel like it will be better if you will continue it as it can be beneficial in the future.

Kind of late for this but I used < instead of > when talking about my high GPA. Pretty ironic how you don’t have to be smart to get good grades.