I don't know.

<p>Some of the schools I'm applying to do not require SATs from transfers, and yet the commonapp asks us to self-report scores... but the schools will then see the scores? Can I not self-report the scores, and just send the schools that require them the CB official report???</p>

<p>Honestly, Common app is a pain in the ass
If you aren't applying to more schools than 2 that do common app, just use the schools own app and save yourself the confusion because I hear you on that</p>

<p>And if the school doesn't require it than chances are they will not wager it into the decision making process. Just put it in there for Common App's sake</p>

<p>You can make different versions of the CA for different schools. Just don't self-report any scores for the schools that don't require them. For the schools that do, self-report and send official scores.</p>

<p>The CA has to cover all contingencies, that's why it's OK to leave a part blank if a school doesn't require it.</p>