I don't understand SAT IIs

<p>Ok, for a lot of schools, they post "mid 50" etc. for SAT I scores...but what about SAT IIs? I don't know whether or not I make it for the "cutoff" I know its not exactly cutoff but nonetheless....does anyone know what Columbia expects? (or lowest they will take...haha)</p>

<p>I think most schools officially prefer to state that SAT IIs only play a specific role in determining placement, not admission although it obviously contributes to strengthening your overall package.</p>

<p>I would think that they are about the same as SAT I scores divided by two. So about a 700 is decent for Columbia, although a 750 would be preferable. I wouldn't want anything below a 650, although that is pretty obvious. That's what I would think. And it is obvious that they use them in admissions, otherwise, they wouldn't require that you submit them when you apply. If it was solely for placement, then they would only require them if you are accepted and decide to matriculate, like at Chapel Hill with the IIC.</p>

<p>for SAT2s u need high scores, cuz w/o score choice, the only kids taking SAT2 subject tests are kids who do well in that subject. You probly want 750+ on everything.</p>

<p>damn- my sat 2 scores suck</p>

<p>As I said before, my son got in with 760, 720, 640, 640. So you don't necessarily need 750+.</p>

<p>a 760,720, 640 isnt a 700, 690, 620</p>

<p>Sure they look at them. I mean, how would they know your math teacher junior year really was legitimate or your English teacher. They just want to make sure the grades they see on your transcript aren't highly inflated. Really high grades and really low scores might raise an eyebrow.</p>

<p>Freakish, you're right, and I ddin't mean to sound insensitive. But my point was that they didn't seem to have a negative effect, though they were still lower than most listed here (his 2C put him in fortieth percentile!) What I want to say is, I don't think they make or break you.</p>

<p>Whats CU's policy on retaking SATIIs? Will they look at the highest score?</p>

<p>I did incredibly sub-par on 2C (It is horrible, even with that nice curve), but I know I can easily get in the apropriate 750+ range in December. Will this incredibly bad score damage me even if I have a 750+ on the second try?</p>

<p>Im incredibly nervous and worried over this, and need a response.</p>

<p>Most students only take each SAT II once, but if you really did much worse than you think you can do now, a retake might be worth it.</p>

<p>If you are a believer in the Academic</a> Index, you'll want to go with three strong SAT II scores. Of course, most Ivies deny using the AI for evaluating regular applicants or have their own arcane ranking system. The AI clearly doesn't take into account accomplishments outside the classroom, which are certainly key factors at Columbia and other elites.</p>

<p>how BAD is a 600...umm two 600s.</p>

<p>just try to keep everything above 700</p>