I don't understand the language requirement?

So, I am a junior in high school and I’m trying to decide on my classes for my senior year. I have taken Spanish I my freshman year, Spanish II my sophomore year and I decided not to take Spanish this year. I just looked at the gen ed requirements for UIUC and I noticed that language was a requirement.

If I take Spanish 3 next year, is it possible to fulfill the freshman year requirement? Is it worth it or should I take Psych/AP Psych instead which I would much rather take?

Also, there’s no way I can take Spanish IV still but if I do take Spanish 3 next year, what would be the next step in college? To take a semester of the Spanish IV equivalent and be done with my FL requirement?

Thanks guys!

On their website here: http://admissions.illinois.edu/admitted/guide/placement_freshman.html it says that you have already fulfilled the foreign language requirement if you have taken four years of a language in high school, OR, three years of a language in high school and are entering the Colleges of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences; Applied Health Sciences; Education; Engineering; Fine and Applied Arts; or Media.

So only three years are needed if you’re entering one of the above colleges, otherwise, four years are required.