I don't understand the timeline of becoming a doc.

<p>so now I'm a high school senior. Is my flow chart correct?</p>

<p>undergrad(4years)+med school(4years)+"regular" residency(3years)+specialty residency(n years)</p>

<p>if it is correct, how long does cardiac vascular specialty residency last? I heard somebody said 8 years, some said 13 years, some said 3 years. I know it varies from different training centers but it shouldn't be in this big discrepency.
Is there a list that indicates the approximate time for each residency?</p>

<p>Thank you for your help.:)</p>

<p>Its Cardiothoracic Surgery your looking for. Its 5 years of Surgery Resid. and then 2+ years for fellowship. The rest of your chart is correct.</p>