I don't understand this practice question! What is your answer?

<p>By afternoon, the subversive words were gone, and so were the most of the tulips—dead, mortally killed by sandblasting. </p>

<p>Underlined Portion: "dead, mortally killed"</p>

<p>A. No Change
B. dead, killed
C. dead, killed,
D. killed, then dead,</p>

<p>Have another one:</p>

<p>Less threatening than graffiti, this usually survived on campus for weeks.</p>

<p>Underlined Portion: "Less threatening than graffiti, this"</p>

B. Graffiti threatened us and
C. Threatened graffiti
D. Less threatening graffiti than this</p>

<p>Q1: B - "mortally killed" just doesn't make sense, and is redundant. B removes the redundancy, but maintains proper grammar.
Q2: I'd have to see the context, but A is the only answer that makes sense to me.</p>

<p>I came up with the same conclusions. Thanks for the post!</p>

<p>I also say B and A, just in case you wanted further confirmation.</p>

<p>I came up with D for the second one.</p>

<p>D is the most logically correct answer for #2</p>

<p>After you claimed D was the correct answer, I read the question once more and it seems to be more logical than A--based on the context. Although A is gramatically correct (which is why I originally chose the answer), D seems to fit the permeation of the passage. </p>

<p>Thanks everyone!! Fortunately, those were the only two (out of the 75) I stumbled on. I say this because the sample questions I have do not come with the answers or answer explanations... THAT BLOWS!</p>