I don't want to go during the Spring!

<p>I applied for the summer but I checked Innovation Academy and when I checked my email I got into UF, but it says I got into Spring 2013. I thought it was an option. I didn't know I would be bound by it! How do I undo this? The requirements for the Summer and Fall are really different.
My friend applied to UCF for the summer. When she tried to change her term to the fall, they gave her a courtesy call that they told her she wouldn't be accept for the fall and it they went through with process she couldn't go to to UCF at all ( because they would basically delete her application for the summer too). But honestly, the idea of waiting 6 months to start school makes me cringe. If I don't get into UF at all I won't even feel bad because I got into FSU.
But what should i do!? How do it change this? I at least want to make an attempt.</p>

<p>Call their admissions on Monday.
Also I'm not positive, but you could go to CC and take a few GE requirements and have them transfer to Spring '13 at UF.</p>

<p>If you acceptance is for Innovation Academy then you would only attend UF in the Spring and Summer terms. You can take on-line courses or work during the Fall. If that was the basis under which you were accepted I think it will be very difficult to change. If you were accepted outside of the Innovation Academy criteria, and placed in the Spring term, you can file an application to change terms but it is within UF's discretion to grant the term change.</p>

<p>I know a few kids who had this happen over the past couple years. They were able to get it changed but you will need to be persistent and come up with a good reason to change starting term. It may be easier to switch to fall instead of Summer B. Good luck and be patient it will be worth it!</p>

<p>i feel like i've been tricked. this happened to my friend too and we are not going. honestly, who is so desperate to go to uf they would wait six months to go to school and then on top of that only be there during the spring and summer terms. why have the college experience if no one is going to be there!?</p>

<p>You can't go to any Fall semester ever? or just your first one? The latter seems like no big deal, but I wouldn't do the former. I'd try to get in out of CC if you're going for something UF is much better at and go somewhere else if you're doing something where it doesn't matter as much</p>

<p>The Innovation Academy is a spring/summer program that you had to say to you were interested in to be considered for. It is supposed to focus on creativity/entrepeneurship You cannot take "brick and mortar" courses during the fall semester. It is very different than just being admitted for spring last year. FAQs are here University</a> of Florida - Admissions</p>

<p>On the site it says that they first consider you for your preferred term(Fall in your case) and THEN consider you for IA. So you were probably not admitted into the fall but only the spring(IA).</p>

<p>The program is set for the Spring/Summer Semesters for your four years, that is the only way you were admitted to UF. You can try to contact them, but I think it's going to be tough to have them make a change, your best bet is probably the transfer approach as people have noted above.</p>

<p>Same thing Happened to me, I feel cheated. In the application it said that if you were interested in IA click here, not "If you click here, you are bound to IA!" They needed to make this more clear.</p>

<p>Not everyone who said they were interested in IA was admitted to IA - some ended up summer/fall admits. Some students who said they wanted IA were denied. Checking you wanted IA does not mean it was your only option but if you are only offered IA then it would be your only option.</p>

<p>Confirmed - son checked the IA interest box, but got admitted for Summer B which is what he applied for. I don't think it's accurate to say you were cheated, the other option is that you were Denied with no alternative...if UF is your dream school, at least you have something. A call to the admissions office can't hurt.</p>

<p>i feel bad for all the people who checked Innovation Academy....but seriously you need to read **** that you sign</p>

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