I don't want to go to college anymore

Ok, so for you guys to understand where I’m coming from, you need to know a little about me and about my life. I recently attenuated an SEC school and hated it, so i transferred to a local community college, which i like much more. I am 19 years old, my parents pay for my college, and I’m pretty well off in terms of money.

The thing is, the more i think about it, i really don’t want to to go college anymore. I think that the “college experience” is really overrated, and I think getting a business degree is not worth it. I know for a fact that college is a scam. I’m old enough now to see how the world works, and i think its total BS that you “have to go to college” to be successful in life. My parents believe in this so much, that if i drop out i know they would be very upset with me. I don’t want to disappoint them, but i also hate college.

EDIT: I also hate going to class and learning about things I’m not interested in. its the worst. I just don’t want to be one of those people who, get a degree, get a stressful desk job, and then continue life. After seeing my dad work very hard and being successful, i don’t want the stress that comes with his lifestyle. His stress has caused some problems with my family and i don’t want that at all. I just don’t want to live a “normal” life as some would say. I want to have fun, and earn money doing it without going to college.

I just don’t know what i would do if i were to drop out. I want to start my own business one day, but i don’t have an idea. I just really hate college and the more i think about college the more upset it guess.

So i guess I’m asking for some tips/advice. I REALLY hate schooling, but I’m also lost at the same time. thanks.

So don’t go for the school experience. Go to exchange ideas and meet people who can inspire in you an idea for a future business, and pick up a business degree along the way. Businesses have to have money to start, so unless you plan to get a job that’ll fund your future business, at the very least you need to be networking so that you have possible future investors if/when you do come up with an idea.

that just seems like a waste of time. i don’t want investors right away, id rather do it myself. and money isn’t an issue in my life, as i stated in the post.

This is your problem. You need to come up with a plan for what you would want to do if you do not go to college. College is not the answer for everyone, but you have to have an alternative plan, especially if your parents are financially supporting you and they want you to go to college. If you come up with a viable way to support yourself without college, then drop out. But it doesn’t sound like you have a plan. It doesn’t even sound like you have a business idea, let alone a way to make it actually happen. You may have to work a low-wage job (or possibly more than one) in order to support yourself, while working towards whatever it is you want to do in the long run. Are you willing to do that? Freeloading on your parents isn’t the answer, especially if they disapprove of what you are doing.

What kinds of jobs could you get without a college degree? Often, the kinds of jobs you can get and support yourself without a college degree are more stressful and less desirable (by many). You will likely also have to work many hours and possibly more than one job, depending on your situation. I don’t think the answer is to less stress is to not get a college degree. The answer is to find out what you really want to do and would enjoy doing, and then figure out a practical path that will get you there.

Building your own business will be a very long process of very hard work and not something you will be able to support yourself with immediately (it will take some time before your business is profitable and even more time before you will be able to support yourself with it). In the meantime, you will have to have some other way to support yourself (another job, unless your parents are willing to support you entirely or you are independently wealthy).

Do you have money? Or do your parents have money? That is not the same thing, and it doesn’t sound like your parents are going to be big fans of you dropping out of college with no alternative plan and then you asking them to fund your own business.

my parents have money but i have some too. I want to do something that i like so it doesn’t feel like work. I’ve realized life is too short to do stuff you don’t want to do. i want to be happy and i don’t feel like me when I’m in college.

Not sure that there are jobs out there that never “feel like work,” or where you never “have to learn about something you are not interested in,” or that you will be able to “start your own business someday” but not have to network to find investors. You also say


Nothing wrong with trying out the non-college life and seeing how it goes. For all of us, our view of how the world works evolves with life experiences. A college degree is a credential that signals ambition and ability to some employers, but certainly there are people who are successful without the degree. Those people typically have some kind of plan and some special skills or motivation and you haven’t mentioned yours in your post.

I don’t know if “I never want to work” equals “knowing how the world works”…

Sure, you have some money, but money doesn’t last forever. And I don’t know if your parents would appreciate you sponging off of them for the rest of your life, if your vague entrepreneurial plans don’t materialize. You don’t like learning what you’re not interested in? Then take classes in what you’re interested in.

Sounds like you are certainly not mature enough or focused enough to keep pursuing a college degree at this point in your life. Take a few years off, try to find that magic stress-free job that will not seem like work, and then see if returning to college seems like a worthwhile decision. Meanwhile, someone will be happy to take your spot at your college.

I want to try starting a business. Im not sure yet, but i want it to be involved with something i like. My favorite thing to do is ski and to golf, so I’m thinking of starting a business with having something to do with those sports. I get excited about starting a business, but when it comes to going to college, i get sad and angry. I think I’m just really lost right now.

If you really want to run a business someday, you will be much better off if you have a basic understanding of accounting, marketing, finance, business law, human resources, strategic management, operations management, and some IT knowledge. Statistics could be helpful, too. Yes, you will hire people in those areas, but you will be light years ahead if you know something about them to start with. You won’t know if someone is cheating you or what your options even are if you have no background in those subjects – you will make a lot more mistakes, and your business will be more likely to fail. Finish your degree, and try to get a job with a company in those fields to get some experience before you strike out on your own.

Also… I have a friend who works in the fishing line division of a big company. There is NOTHING he hates more than employees who took the job because they like to fish… but they don’t really like to work. He does fish, but he recognizes that he is primarily there to help the company design and sell products, not advance his own idea of a good time. Don’t be that guy.

Go ahead and start your business. Nothing is stopping you. As far as college, maybe you are at the wrong kind of college. Check out Babson or other colleges that focus on entrepreneurship. But you are right, you do not need college to be successful. You do need to get up off your butt, however, and do something.

You don’t necessarily need college to do well in life. But you need to have another plan before you drop out.

Check out Babson, Bentley, and Bryant. However, you’d need to have decent grades to transfer there.

You could also look for an apprenticeship - work in a trade, open your own business this way.
In addition, it’s not like dropping out of college, it’s pursuing another type of education.