I don't wish bad things on anyone...

<p>...but, am I alone in silently celebrating when a bull rider is trampled? When a matador is gored with a horn? When a killer whale eats a trainer?</p>

<p>Aren't these animals just acting on instinct? Having them act the way they do is really only a restoration of the natural order. Pretending that wild animals are our friends or entertainment continues to end badly. Though, we continue to pay to see it. Thoughts?</p>

<p>I don't celebrate, but I don't mourn either. They knew the risks of their profession before they signed up for it, and eventually they should have to face those risks.</p>

<p>haha for some reason i find this topic funny. but you guys are right. I never saw it that way. I guess it's fair to say that what else is an animal supposed to do? it's just part of their nature. In general, i don't enjoy those types of shows anyway. animals are adorable, but not when they're locked up in cages or forced to jump through hoops for food.</p>

<p>It's not only natural, it's a good thing to happen. The kinds of people who torture animals for fun aren't the sorts of people who really deserve to be around walking free. It's sad when they die, of course, but it's not really tragic or pitiful.</p>

<p>Damn hippies.</p>

<p>Dana, I look forward to the day that you're trampled by a stampede of any animal big enough to make your exit into the afterlife a messy one.</p>

<p>You just wish a bad thing on me, hypocritical hippie.</p>

<p>Yeah they are pretty much acting on instinct. We exploit them for our entertainment purposes. Not good. They were made to stay AWAY From us; dogs and cats and other domesticated animals are cuddly and chill, but wild animals are just that-wild, and sooner or later their wild instinct will impinge on us.</p>

<p>So we should boycott circuses and whale shows, its just unfair to the animals and selfish of us to constantly exploit them yearly.</p>

<p>Aww, this is so sweet to meet animal advocates like myself...sometimes I wish that there's some sort of "cleansing" of the ill-willed humans from the rest of us.</p>

<p>As if on command, a matador was gored - not a fatal wound, mind you - in Spain last week. Let's just say that the bull's horn entered through one part of his face and exited through another. True to form, the other matadors hacked the bull to pieces.</p>

<p>Have none of these people ever read Ferdinand the Bull?</p>