I double triple quadruple dare you answer this!!! :)

<p>Hi xD
Sorry for the title, had to come up with something to get your attention :p
18-year-old international student from Balkans (eastern Europe) in my freshman year at a community college (due to financial issues, I never applied for other schools) - Engineering Science.
Highschool - 10/10 so perfect grades for every single subject such as Art History, Physics, chem, adv. Math, adv biology, economics, literature, English, italian etc.
Senator of my class, president of the senate and an active member of a few NGOs, participted in a few national and international trainings funded by the European Council, the Youth in Action Program - the topics included the responsibilities as a local leader, human rights, volunteering, creating and maintaining connections with other NGOs, running an NGO etc. Was awarded a certificate for each of the trainings. I also won in reagional math competitions school, city and regional (a few cities) level. 100/120 TOEFL and then SAT with only 1550 (extremely bad CR vs 28 on TOEFL **<em>) I took drawing and piano lessons as well, worked as a waiter and bartender for a while.
College (first semester, I'm about to start the second)
Perfect gpa 4.0// got a job at school as a maths tutor (it was so hard to get the job)
Vice President of a Club (one that has a lot of chapters related to mental health issues such as depression - we raise awareness) and I also became a Senator at the Student Government... Joined PHi Theta Kappa as well.
For the remaining semesters I intend to maintain a perfect gpa, get a leadership position within PTK or the Student Government, do some online petitions on wAvaaz.com etc. The essay is going to be interesting - I have a lot to share, I have learned a lot, a super intensive life, spirituality, depression, emo, memes, Tolstoy and Camus, cool guy, romance, techtonik to Beethoven, emigration, poverty and terrible injustice around, nationalism vs citizen of the world, karma etc. Money does not inspire me, I hate it even though I need it - i have only one intention - to change the world! And I already almost completed the first step, changed myself, give me the tools (money) and I'll complete more than one engineering major (civil, electrical, architectural, materials), get PhDs and join world organizations and contribute towards environmental-friendly self sustaining "solutions"... Things like earthships n stuff similar drive me crazy, I love them *__</em> with volunteering for TVP being my dream goal!</p>

<p>What schools would you guys suggest? A school that is likely to offer me the greatest scholarship/grant/f.aid possible and has either architectural or civil engineering? (The financial part is the only one I care for... But since the better the school, the greater the "money-aid", I guess the good schools shoud be my only way...) Thr last president of the student senate apparently went to Cornell, and there have been students who have transferred to schools such as Cooper Union and NYC...
Help! .__.</p>

<p>How much can your family afford?
The problem is that your HS resume is awesome… but now you’re a transfer student and there’s hardly any money for international transfers. I think colleges like Union, Gettysburg, or,Dickinson will fund ONE international transfer and I don’t know whether they’d even fund “fully”. UPenn also funds a handful of international transfers. Probably Wabash (male-only) too, plus directionals’honors programs and the flagship associated to your community college if you can pay the cost.
I don’t quite understand why you didn’t apply to highly selective colleges last year, or didn’t take a gap year. :s With that awesome resume you would have had a choice among lots of colleges but now it’s going to be much harder.
How much can your family pay each year?
What state are you in - can you give us an indication of CC so we can suggest directionals or flagships?
Can you retake the SAT? (even if officially it doesn’t count for much, for freshman transfering into a sophomore year, the SAT score is “looked at” and obviously would be detrimental to your getting admitted with scholarship if only one is offered.)</p>