I draw manga (anime in comic book form) and I don't know what college course to take

So, by my name you can probably tell I like anime. I’ve been currently drawing for a year and I’m trying to either make a webtoon or make a manga. My parents want me to go to college, and I’m not fully sure how it’s gonna go, but I think it would be a nice experience. My problem is, I’m not sure what courses I could take.
Obviously I can take digital media.
But going to college for one course Isn’t the best idea. Do you know any other courses that can help me out with this?

Asian Studies. To learn more about the culture that created the genre.

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Never thought about that. Thank you!

I think you should put some serious thought into what you want to do in the event that your Plan A doesn’t lead to income.

Thank you, my mom says something similar. I’m not into anything besides from digital drawing, so I’m not sure what else I could go for honestly. But I’ll try to find something. Any ideas?

There are so many possibilities I wouldn’t know where to begin.

The easy answer is to just enroll in a fine arts program. They aren’t the most employable degrees though.

How about Graphic Arts? Design? Industrial Design?

You said you’ve been doing this for about a year. What were your interests prior to that?

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I’ll join the brainstorming! How about: teach fine arts, business degree, IT integrated degree (not programming but to learn platforms and how to make apps or create a kindle book so you can sell your art online, etc), intellectual property (legal) courses, humanities for language and culture. How about event management of some sort (thinking of art hall at Comic Con type events) and a global/semester abroad? All of those skills separately can get you a “day job” if the anime doesn’t work out right away but are interrelated and will enhance your anime talent. Thanks for catching my attention on the message boards! This is a great thread!

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If you are looking for course work to support your main interest in digital art/animation/etc., then creative writing and maybe film studies and film making.

My high school freshman is very interested in drawing, animation, digital art, manga, web toons, etc… I don’t know if she will ultimately major in art, but right now she’s exploring the idea.

We’ve talked a lot about how creative writing and classes in literature and film making could help with story and character development.

Other than that, you want to take art courses beyond digital art, like drawing, painting, figure drawing, etc.

One thing my daughter and I have discussed is that, if she does ultimately want to go into animation or digital art, we should look for schools where they do a really good job with career placement after graduation.

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I didn’t have any many interest before that actually. I tried getting into coding, cooking, and animation. While I’m not too good at cooking, I never got a chance to try animation. Drawing was really great for me! I’ve never actually been able to try 3d design due to not having a computer. But it sounds cool! I guess I should start doing more research.

I never researched anything about IT, so I don’t know much about it. But making an app, or creating something similar sounds great!

Events honestly sound like a great way to get more noticed and to improve!

Also I should be thanking you! I honestly didn’t think anyone would answer

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I’m glad you see something in this list that interests you!

So after reading other threads, I’ve realized I should probably put in the person’s name so they know who I’m talking to when I reply (Sorry about that)

Honestly creative writing sounds like a great idea. I was actually looking into the different types of writing courses to see if I could improve in that area! Also goodluck to your daughter!

I’m not very good at college hunting, and I’m still not sure how far I’d travel to go to a college, but I’ll definitely look into it!

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Good luck to you, too!

If you want to learn a lot more about studying art in college and applying to art schools/programs, go to the Visual Arts and Film Majors section of the College Confidential forums (under “College Majors”), if you haven’t already.