I dropped a semester to get a second chance

<p>Hello, I am a current student at a community college. I began studying in college fresh out of high school in 2008 with the plan of transferring after the first 2 years and finish my bachelors at a University. This year was supposed to be my last year of study in college finishing with this spring semester; however, I missed some applications to my dream schools and decided to drop my spring term so that I could retake it next fall and apply on time. I already talked to my counselor and she agreed to drop my credits for this current spring semester and retake it next fall that way I will have a second chance to apply to my dream schools. By then, I will be a year older and there will be a gap between the dates I took classes in my transcript.</p>

<p>Will the spring semester that I dropped and me being a year older affect my college applications next fall?
Will the colleges find out that I dropped a semester?
Will I even be able to apply at all?</p>

<p>Also, I have already missed about 3 weeks of school and I think there is still some chance that get back on this spring semester so that I can apply for the schools whose deadlines are yet to pass.
Would this be my best option at this point?</p>

I have a 4.0 GPA
I am the president of the math club
I got a 740 in both SAT MATH lvl 2 and SAT physics</p>

<p>**Only plan to transfer 4 semesters of school. Some schools do not take more than that, or no more than 60 credits.</p>

<p>**it's best to transfer for a fall semester. That said, I think you should try to get your act together, apply now, and complete this semester. If you don't do that, you may be having to skip the whole year, not just a semester.</p>

<p>**don't worry that a school "finds out" you missed a year. It is what it is. They'll see your grades, your involvement at school, and --from your personal statement--get to know what you've been doing and what's important to you.</p>

<p>thanks for the advice, I made this thread to help a friend of mine who's in that situation and doesn't know about CC</p>