I failed a class first semester senior year

<p>I have a decent GPA, a 32 ACT, and some good extracurricular stuff but i just failed calc first semester this senior year with a 68% (we don't have D's). Mac is my number one school i want to get into, with this being the case what are my chances of actually getting accepted? Or will they just toss my application</p>

<p>LFrostByte. First I offer my condolences. I know Calculus just doesn't click with people and I know plenty of people who have gotten D's (which in your case is an F) in that class. Now to answer your question, your chances now seem slim. Will they just throw away your application? No. But they may think that you do not have the motivation to succeed moving on. For example, if you applied ED1, that would probably be cause for revoking your admission. You might want to ask your counselor to send a note with your mid-year report if there were any extrinsic reasons for you failing the class. I sincerely hope for the best for you in being admitted. There is really not much you can do about it now so try not worry about it until decisions come back.</p>

<p>I think you or your counselor should write a letter explaining it.. not making excuses of course.. but perhaps explaining that you hope to make it up or how this happened - or if many failed it.. that would be useful to know. If your other grades are all strong it might not be too bad IF you talk to them and IF you aren't planning to be a math major. One good thing about a LAC is they can actually look at you as an individual.</p>