i feel like my potential lack of extracurriculars is going to ruin me.

<p>i'm a sophomore at a difficult prep school. homework takes up all my time. there are tons of other girls who participate in sports, but those are the girls whom i hear laughing about their 2.9s. i work super hard to maintain my 4.2 w/o honors. i want to volunteer eventually, but i don't know where. i used to tutor elementary kids on tuesdays, but it was only for an hour after school and felt like a waste of time because it took longer to get there and back then we stayed, basically. all the school clubs, hate to say it, are pretty crappy. their meetings are <em>during</em> school during a 30 minute break between first and second periods. only a couple of the clubs, like academic team, actually do things that take place out of school. </p>

<p>right now, i'm in a few clubs like diversity club and pep club, but those seem pointless because the former doesn't do anything and the latter is basically spirit squad. i hate to sound to introverted, but i'm not the leader type of person at all. i don't think i could ever work my way up to a leadership position in any club. i want to join other clubs, but again, it's just status. it means nothing if you're not a leader. </p>

<p>there are many people who have amazing extracurrics AND amazing gpas. i wish i could figure out how to be one of them. i feel like my high school years are going down the drain, and i'm completely wasting them. so, what do you guys do?</p>

<p>Well, I guess you could make your own club, and get all your friends to join it. That way you could both have a leadership position and be in a club that actually does stuff. I don't know about your school, but in my school it was ridiculously easy to start a club, you just needed a faculty sponsor and a certain number of signatures.</p>