I feel so much better today then yesterday!

<p>Over the past month I have been concerned because I felt that my D had not been "serious" enough about her college apps. (She had two Nov. 1 deadlines). The first app. went in and the essay was okay but I really didn't feel that it made her stand out from all of the other amazing candidates out there. Then she kept putting off her second essay and it concerned me. She kept saying that she had way to much work to do (really rough schedule at school, soccer season, NHS activities, Officer Interact activities, and Editing of the school paper). I couldn't really argue but stressed to her how important this essay would be to her later... Anyway, she must have been working on her essay longer then I thought because yesterday she came into the kitchen, handed it to me in final form and said "be easy on me". I started to read and the first paragraph floored me! My D has all the good scores, lots of EC's etc but I was afraid that she would be just another great candidate.. nothing really stood out i.e. she hasn't published anything, invented anything, doesn't play the flute, etc. She LOVES to read and write.. and I mean that she loves to read and write with a passion.. but when it came to her personal essay - come on - I mean who cares that she likes to read and write (although her high scores, etc are a direct result of her love of reading).. BUT, she DID it... she actually wrote about her love (reading, writing, analyzing, and discussing literature) and it was "Her". I had tears in my eyes by the end. I am feeling so much better today. I guess she knows herself better than I thought : ) Let's just hope the admissions people see what I did!!</p>

<p>Isandin, see my post below on common app essay. We are feeling the same way today! Now we can live to fight another day <em>sigh of relief</em>. Continued good luck to you in this long process.</p>

<p>Be sure to save the essay and put it away in a safe place. She'll enjoy reading it many years from now.</p>

<p>Isandin, your house sounds Exactly like ours. Congrats on feeling better. Where does she want to go?</p>