I feel terrible

<p>I got three rejections from UCD, UCSB and UCSD this weekend...and I was only accepted to UCSC.</p>

<p>I feel terrible because I have a 3.7 weighted and 3.5 unweighted GPA and a 1790 SAT....four AP, 2 honors classes and excellent essays....</p>

<p>I am also a newly immigrant and english is my second language....</p>

<p>I thought I'd definitly get into at least UCD and UCSB, and I am excually hopping that CAL will want me....</p>

<p>Do I still hold a chance?
Im so discouraged and I doubt I'd get in even UCI now....</p>

<p>Your GPA and SAT scores are slightly below the average for UCD, UCSB, and UCI, but I'm surprised that your immigrant status didn't help for admissions. I don't think you have a chance at Berkeley (their average GPA is over 4.1), but you still have a chance at UCI.</p>

<p>Cal is unlikely, but you have a decent shot at UCI. You could also go to UCSC, do extremely well, and transfer to UCSB, UCD, or UCSD, that is probably possible to do with very good grades at UCSC. If you really want to go to Cal, you can always to got community college for two years and then transfer, if you don't get in as a freshman. I know a lot of people don't think that's "cool", but it may be your only way to get into Cal.</p>

<p>I wouldn't be so down on UCSC, though, it has a lot going for it. Anyway good luck!</p>

<p>UC Merced may still have that program where u study there for 2 years and then transfer. I wonder how that program is going.</p>

<p>UCSC has one of the best astrophysics programs, so if that was your intended major (or something close), I'd go there!</p>

<p>Everytime I hear about that UC Merced program, I can't help cracking up.</p>

<p>why is that?</p>

<p>It's just sad that Merced has to actually bait people with the transferring option to make them come there. That means that whoever goes there doesn't really want to be there, but is there because he or she has no choice.</p>

<p>Maybe students will want to stay after they try it. It could be interesting to be a "founding" student and play a significant role in shaping campus organizations or traditions.</p>

<p>I'd rather be a Bobcat than a Banana Slug any day...</p>

<p>" It could be interesting to be a "founding" student and play a significant role in shaping campus organizations or traditions."</p>

<p>I do think it sounds really good to be a founding student of various organizations. But one of my friend attends there and she says there are quite a few loopholes to go through in order to create a new organization that she decided not to do so! And then again, going to a school without traditions already set in place seems eh..</p>

<p>I thought UCI > UCSB
And I think I have to be honest here...
I think UCSC will be your school..</p>

<p>UCBChemEGrad is right</p>

<p>I'd rather be a Bobcat too...</p>

<p>I know that among the UCs, people look down on UCSC a lot, but you could really do worse. UCSC actually has a lot of really strong programs (astrophysics and a couple of others), and you can always transfer. Plus (I live in santa cruz) it's actually an awesome city.</p>

<p>UCSC has a great linguistics program, and Game Design in the computer science department, to name a few excellent programs.
And the campus is great. UCDavis looks like a minimum security prison.</p>

<p>UCSC is awesome. I'd easily choose it over UCM, UCD, UCI, UCR... pretty much any UC except Berkeley and UCLA.</p>

<p>Then again, I'm a linguistics+CS major, so UCSC is perfect. Plus it's pretty. And the banana slug in their logo is kinda cute.</p>

<p>Don't feel bad. There are plenty of kids at my school that got rejected from UCSC despite being qualified for UCSC. Just remember that there are always people who have it worse than you. Cheer up and be excited for what UCSC has to offer. Hope I made you a bit happier!! (If not, please realize that I at least tried)</p>

<p>Thank you everyone for cheering me up, I really appriciate it but it doesn't really make me feel much better when everyone else in my school is talking about college....</p>

<p>I think I will try to appeal, but I am not sure which campus to choose from ....</p>