I finally broke the (good) news

<p>I have been enthusiastically singing Alabama’s praises to many of my friends. However, I have one very close, label-conscience friend who is a bit of a college snob, and I hadn’t told her that DS had decided on Alabama (she had been pushing for him to apply to Ivies). I was honestly dreading the conversation. Anyway, she asked yesterday about DS’ college search, and I told her Alabama was a done deal. She asked what about Alabama appealed to DS, and all the info I have gleaned from this board came flowing out: beautiful campus, great honors program and dorms, generous AP credit, fantastic scholarships, championship football, beautiful girls, etc., etc. By the end of the conversation, she seemed genuinely excited and happy for us. Better yet, I got excited all over again that my son gets to go to UA! </p>

<p>So…thanks again to y’all for being so generous in sharing your UA experiences. Alabama wouldn’t have even been a blip on our radar without the awesome CC community. Roll Tide!</p>

<p>Great story with a happy ending! Roll Tide!</p>

<p>Awesome! We were in Tuscaloosa last weekend for the Tennessee game and the place remains as magical as ever. And our son, now a senior, feels the same.</p>

<p>Congrats on your decision and Roll Tide!</p>


<p>thanks for sharing!</p>

<p>Roll Tide.</p>