I forgot the interviewer's name!

<p>I just had an interview at my #1 school and it went really well. The admissions officer was really nice and even told me that I was a "solid match" for the school.</p>

<p>I know that it is common courtesy to send a thank you letter, and I really do want to send one, because she helped me so much (and I really do want to go to the school!) but I've forgotten her name! I may have her card somewhere, but if I can't find it, what should I do?</p>


<p>Hmm...perhaps she's listed with a picture on the Faculty and Staff page of the school's website? Even if there's no picture, the list of names might jog your memory.</p>

<p>I looked on there adnd there was nothing listed, that's why I freaked out. I just found her card though.</p>

<p>Thanks for the help!</p>