I forgot to enter 3 concurrent enrollment classes. Will this impact my chances?

I’m really stressed out about this. I took 3 classes during high school at a community college, and am transferring from that community college next fall 2023 semester. I forgot to enter them before I submitted the application but according to my counselor, those classes don’t count towards my transferring major and only fulfill my IGETC.

Wil these impact my chances of getting accepted?

Was it for HS graduation requirements?
You will submit your transcripts, after they are requested by your UC’s/CSU’s, so they should see those classes on that transcript.

From the UC web site:

2. Update your application, if necessary.

You can log in to your application to review and, if necessary, change your telephone number, email, mailing address or exam scores. You can also apply to additional campuses if they’re still open.

If there are changes to your academic record: If you add or drop a course, fail to earn a C or better in a course or enroll in a new college after you submit your application, log back in and update your information online. If you receive an offer of admission, be sure to confirm with the campus admission office that they are aware of the deficient grade or schedule changes.

Keep in mind: We cannot guarantee that a campus can go back to review an application after correspondence has been received. Make sure to save a copy of your correspondence just in case.

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If you are a transfer, you will need to submit a Transfer Academic Update (TAU) in January where you can add these classes.

  1. Update grades and courses: Transfer Academic Update (TAU)

About five weeks after the filing period has ended (early January), you are required to update your grades and course records.

Learn more about the Transfer Academic Update »