I forgot to include this EC?

<p>Okay, so I submitted my ED application already, but as I was doing my Cal app it struck me that I totally forgot to include that I play the piano and have learnt music theory (Grade 8 ABRSM for both) for the past decade or so. Total bummer! </p>

<p>I guess it was so much of me that I felt that it went without saying (which it did not, nowhere on my application does it mention my piano skills) but what can I do now? Anything? </p>

<p>P.S. My essays are not going to be about music/piano/guitar/double bass (which I also play but mentioned elsewhere).</p>

<p>You will just have to update your future applications to include it. You can't add info to an ED application, especially after the date. You also don't want to draw attention to the fact that you forgot this in your haste to hit the date. If you used the common app, you can create a duplicate version of your app, and in the new one, you can add this EC for future application submissions.</p>

<p>You can do a duplicate in the Common App? Like, sign up using another email address? Oh no that means all my teachers have to re-upload the school forms right?</p>