I forgot to put a class I'm taking

<p>I forgot to put a class I’m taking my senior year. I am taking taking Art 1 however I just reviewed my application and I realized I didn’t add that. What should I do now?</p>

<p>Is it your only art class that you have taken? In other words does your application make it appear that you failed to meet the UC art requirement? This might be why you were rejected at some schools.</p>

<p>Actually, I've already fulfilled my art requirement. I am taking two art classes this year: Art 1 and Drama 1. I wanted to take Drama 1 because I was interested in Drama and thought it would be fun and that I could learn something from it; same goes for Art.</p>

<p>Adding a course or courses is much more simple than removing a course. Please just keep the campuses up to date and report the omitted course for their records.</p>