I get hyzentra but im applying to medical school do I need to tell them?

I had a bone marrow transplant in 2019 I finally got the ok from my doctors to go back in person to finish my degree in biology to get into medical school but i receive hyznetra every friday night when i apply to medical school next year do i need to tell them directly in my application I dont want anything going wrong ?

I don’t know what to tell you…but my kid had a serious injury that precluded taking some courses like first aid and such. Had to tell the school about this. This injury happened after acceptance but before enrollment. So…guessing info was shared as med school was beginning.


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im not 100% how to tell them my doctors said its fine for everything im doing.I dont want red flags

Will you be applying to medical school directly out of undergrad, or will you be taking a gap year to do shadowing, significant volunteer work, and some kind of work with hands on patient contact?

Have you started this treatment already, and do you know what your limits might be? And will this change over time.

Some things to think about.

Im currently during 5 classes each semester and in high school I got extra time for tests that carry into college and possibly and not sure long run things can change there always checked my labs my immunologist said I can go back in person to finish everything

Every med school has technical standards all applicants have to meet.

Here’s an example:

If taking your medication doesn’t present a conflict with any of those, I don’t see why you’d need to inform a med school about your private medical condition when you’re applying.

However, if you are immunocompromised and being around seriously ill and highly contagious people is a health risk for you, then perhaps you need to rethink your med school goal. This is an issue you need to discuss with your oncologist (?) or immunologist.

If you need release time to receive your medication, this is something you can arrange with the school after you’re accepted. (I suggest you contact the Dean of Students and the disability office at the med school soon as you make your final commitment to a school,)

Getting release time during MS1-2 shouldn’t be a problem. But getting release time during MS3-4 when you’re doing clinical rotations may not be possible.

FWIW, D2 was diagnosed with cancer at the end of MS1. Although initially her school tried to make her take a year long LOA while she underwent cancer treatment, they eventually negotiated a compromise and she was allowed to continue with classes while she had chemo and immunotherapy. She was allowed 3 hours release time every Friday starting at 3pm so she could get her infusions.


they said they were fine with it just as long as i wear my mask.

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I just saw you got extra time for exams…be aware that you’re unlikely to get extra time for tests during med school. It’s an accommodation that is very difficult to get.

I can imagine what you said before im 100% that but my team of care are fine with it and told me its a good profession im getting into .I specially emailed them about this issue three months ago they said its fine.

The question is…will you need extra time for exams in medical school? This is an accommodation that is very hard to get. And medical school is FULL of exams…and standardized tests where time accommodations are probably rare also.

that im not 100% yet there going to do a neuropsychological test to determine if i need it long run and there trying to get me off hyzentra once they do next labs

Well…the good news is many,if not most medical school students do not go to medical school directly after finishing undergrad. They take a year or two to do other things as I posted above. This probably should be your plan…as it will also give you a chance to see how things progress for you health wise.

Medical school, medical school rotations, and residency are very very demanding time wise, physically, and mentally. There just isn’t a lot of time to just take off…although medical school students do work to strike a work/life balance.

You have a goal…and you need to be at the top of your game to achieve it. So …take the time you need to do so. In my opinion.

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right exactly my goal by the next two years is to finish my degree in pre med biology i have one year left cant make changes now and I understand.my main goal is medical school nothing else.

You have a goal…work towards it.

Remember also, every Pre-med student needs a Plan B. So look for that too.

Good luck to you!


my plan b was pre pharmacy if mcat fails but i will see.

thank you all for helping it out with me question regarding my issue and medical school.


I wish you the best of luck, but getting into med school takes more than just earning BS in biology.

There are some pretty hard expectations that med school applicants will have ALL of the following activities:

–community service with disadvantaged groups
–physician shadowing (especially w/ primary care specialties)
–clinical experience–either paid or volunteer
–leadership roles in their activities
–clinical or lab bench research

While you can do the first 4 after college, getting hands on research is tough to do once you graduate. That’s one thing beside coursework you should try to fit into your schedule in the next 2 years.

Successful applicants have 200+ hours of community service, 200+ hours of clinical experience, 50+ hours of shadowing, a year of research experience. These are things you need to get done before you apply. Applying without any supporting activities that demonstrate your interest in medicine is an application killer.

And while it’s great to be “Med School Or Bust,” the reality is the 60% of people who apply to med school don’t make it in. And if you don’t get accepted the first time you apply, it just gets tougher the every time you apply. More is expected of you.

It’s important for every pre-med, no matter how determined they are or dedicated they are, to have a back-up plan. Because nothing in life guaranteed.

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thats true my entire family is MD. Im going to get all that when i finish my degree.

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Adding to the above…there are a lot of other health care professions you might want to learn about. So many ways to provide care to others in addition to being a doctor…and all important.

I see thank you.