I go to a crap high school.

<p>I go to a public high school in Maine which is very well-known for music dominance throughout the U.S., but we have some of the lowest test scores ever and our academics suck. I think in the past 2 years, there was only been one person to get a 2000+ on their SAT. I am in the top 25% and I only have a 2.5 [bearing in mind that I take the hardest classes offered here, though].</p>

<p>Are colleges going to frown at me for this? I mean, I'm not applying to any really competitive schools, I'm thinking Ithaca is my first choice, Syracuse is a reach for me.</p>

<p>colleges will look at your application relative to your school and its offerings and opportunities available. It won't hurt you.</p>

<p>Well it really depends on the schools you are applying to. A 2.5 will hurt you because it is below the minimum cut off at many schools including flagship State Us. You need to check the Stats out for the colleges you are applying to.</p>