I got 1 B...

<p>I got a B sophomore year in a regular, non AP class. If I get all A's junior year with 6 APs, I will have the single highest GPA of my class. Would my 1 B make me a much worse applicant to HYP, etc.? I would have a 3.95 UW and 4.6 W gpa, the #1 gpa in my class. what do you think?</p>

<p>by the way, it was first semester sophomore year in my Latin class. It was Latin 3. In all other semesters of Latin I got A’s and 2 A+s. And I’m taking AP Latin next year. All 4 years, same teacher.</p>

<p>Yes you’re doomed for having a B. You might as well have failed the class. No but really, you’re fine… That will not hurt you at all, don’t stress.</p>

<p>Oh my god, when i read that first part of your message i almost had a heart attack! thanks, i really think i overstress wayyy too much, and i really hate it… thanks for making me feel better :)</p>

<p>That one B won’t kill your chances, you’re fine! :]</p>