I got a B... does this hurt my chances?

<p>I got a B in Chemistry Honors... Science has always been my weakest point but for two years I have a managed to get solid A's in all semesters. (I'm a junior btw). </p>

<p>The only other B I have is in French 2 but I took that at my community college because of my schedule and the college professor was teaching some French 4 material so it was a very difficult class.</p>

<p>I have never gotten a B before in my life (except for the college) so I know I will study even harder to get an A in chemistry next semester. My GPA is somehwere between 3.7-3.8 weighted and 4.2-4.5 unweighted (I just transferred from another school so I don't really know the changes) </p>

<p>But will the B in Chemistry hurt my chances for Princeton, Yale, Harvard, etc? (I'm also applying for NYU, Chicago, and other state universities). I don't feel confident in taking the AP Chem test because, as I said before, I am weak in science subjects so I don't really know what to do besides trying to get an A next semester. Any advice?</p>

<p>All As won't get you into any Ivy.</p>

<p>And a B won't keep you out.</p>

<p>It's not all about the GPA and SATs</p>

<p>Ivies are as stretch for almost everyone, including you.</p>

<p>Example: Brown said no to 81% of the Valedictorians who applied there.</p>

<p>Best advice: Go For It </p>

<p>and Love Thy Safeties.</p>

<p>OMG! Yes! The only way you can go to Princeton now is by working in the cafeteria flipping burgers. </p>

<p>Seriously? One b won't keep you out dude take it easy</p>

<p>Yeah I know that all A's wont let me get into Ivy. But I read all these applications from people who got accepted into such colleges and they all had perfect grades, awesome ECs, important awards blah blah blah... So I was really nervous if I hurt my chances with the B. </p>

<p>Thanks :)</p>