I got a weird letter

Hey I’m currently a junior in high school and I got a letter with nothing in it but a small buisness card with the words, “Where do you see yourself?”, a latitude and longitude coordinates, and a URL. The URL took me to a webpage in the IUP website, with a weird video about tunnel 31 and the text, “Ausep eth ioved no eth broachdalk. Rde kachl.”. What does this mean? Can someone please help?

Pause the video on the chalkboard. Red chalk. ?

Holy crap this is the weirdest honors college ever. thanks for telling me!

My son received this. We thought it was quite clever advertising.

Red chalk is where the word “rubric” comes from. Sounds like a fun scavenger hunt / mystery sort of thing.

Now I got a letter in the mail with some weird numbers on it, and another set of numbers covered in white out that I can see if I put it up against the light. Anyone else get this?

We got a different letter. Nondescript white envelope with nothing mentioning IUP on the outside. A single white sheet on the inside that had a lat/long and a scrambled message, and a shortened bit(dot)ly URL.

The lat/long, if viewed in google maps street view is right at the front door of the Cook Honors College building at IUP. At first my DD thought it was sketchy, but as she decoded more of the message it went quickly from sketchy to cool. Well, played, Cook Honors at IUP!

So this is just marketing? You haven’t even applied or shown interest? Pretty intriguing…

@choirsandstages Yep, just unsolicited marketing for D1 who is finishing junior year of HS. Like all of the other colleges that have sent huge amounts of both snail and email to her, I’m sure they purchased her details from either the College Board or ACT. This letter actually stood out because of its lack of gloss and nothing identifying it as IUP on the outside.

yeah that was the first one I got, the one that I mentioned in my first post. I’m still trying to figure out the mystery behind the second letter though, after seeing the first one I’m convinced that there’s some puzzle in it.

@SuperPoofi we didn’t actually go to the URL, and we didn’t get a second letter. It’s possible the URL is unique to the letter, so they know you actually visited the website which triggers the second letter.