I Got Acccepted - ED

<p>My daughter got in under early decision. She is real excited! Anyone else apply or have experience with attending SBC?</p>

Many years ago I was accepted ED. It was an amazing college experience. Studied in Germany for a year. SBC even allowed me to use my ROTC scholarship (I was the only one) and took classes at Lynchburg and Liberty that had rotc programs. My only regret was getting a liberal arts degree. I double majored in international affairs/german. Back then the career center was worthless but going into the military saved me. My liberal arts degree was pretty much worthless as well and many of my classmates did go back to daddy’s money or got married. Now those with hard science degrees fared much better.

As far as prestige very few have ever heard of sweet briar so I suggest summer internships to get yourself known instead.

And ready some of the other comments on this board sorry to see SBC hasn’t gotten more diverse:-(