I got accepted into a college's EOP,but I don't know if I'm 100% sure I'm going.

<p>I recently received a letter from one of the college's I've applied to saying I was accepted into their EOP program. Fortunately, this college accepted me into admission earlier than the other colleges I've applied to(it's a Cal State). I don't hear back from other Universities/ Cal States until April or March. But this EOP letter says I have to sign and return the form by January 2nd to guarantee my acceptance into the program or else they will give my slot to another student.</p>

<p>I don't even know if I'm actually going to this school(it's rather a back up school for me) but I don't want to miss out on the EOP program if no other school admit me and I go to this one.</p>

<p>What happens if I do sign it to accept it but end up going to a different school?</p>

<p>P.S. I'm not sure if this post is supposed to go under this thread, sorry if I'm wrong!</p>

<p>I believe if the school is NACAC participating...they really cannot force you to commit to them until the uniform matriculation date of May 1 (unless you are an ED applicant). What is EOP?</p>

<p>You should write the school and explain that your are delighted to have been accepted but are not yet prepared to make a matriculation decision. Ask for an extension to the May 1 date.</p>

<p>Only you can decide whether it's worth gambling but a bird in the hand is usually better than two in the bush. I'm sure you could cancel your admission at a later date but you might want to run that scenario by your folks and the EOP admissions office.</p>

<p>This is in California so I'm not sure if anybody can answer this. From what I searched:</p>

<p>"The Educational Opportunity Program is designed to improve access and retention of historically low-income and educationally disadvantaged students. EOP students have the potential and demonstrated motivation to perform satisfactorily at a CSU, but they have not been able to realize their potential because of their economic or educational background. The program provides admission and academic assistance to EOP-eligible undergraduate students. In many cases, the program offers financial assistance to eligible students. Campuses tailor their programs to accommodate the needs of their student population."</p>

<p>Basically,it helps students at Cal States with benefits like priority, counseling, and sometimes even financial aid. But each campus has it's own.</p>

<p>NY also has an EOP program (HEOP at private schools) and I have mentored several students that received more than one EOP/HEOP offer. I don't recall whether there was an earlier acceptance date, but I suspect there was as there are very limited numbers of EOP/HEOP admits at each school. Can you discuss this with your guidance counselor?</p>

<p>Unfortunately, my counselor is head counselor at our school and she is usually busy doing other things(so she's never in her office). I also got this this during winter break(during this moment) and the letter must be returned by the date I return to school! I tried emailing my counselor but she has yet to reply and I'm worried by the time I decide, it will be too late to mail it back to the campus. So I'm guessing that I should sign this letter off and in the future, if I am accepted to a school that I really like, I will have to call the EOP admission office to tell them that I retract my acceptance to their program.I'm not sure...</p>

I believe if the school is NACAC participating...they really cannot force you to commit to them until the uniform matriculation date of May 1 (unless you are an ED applicant).


<p>Yes, because there is a limited number of EOP slots (and becoming even fewer slots due to program funding) they can request whether or not the student accepts a slot by a certain date (these are done on a first come first served basis). If student does not respond, they automatically give up the slot and they move on to the next student (chances of getting that slot back would be nil).</p>

<p>If the California EOP runs the same way that the NYS opportunity program runs (EOP/HEOP/SEEk/College discovery). you can only be admitted as a first time incoming freshman. However, once you are in you can transfer between programs (provided that there are openings).</p>

<p>This means that someone who was admitted through Borough of Manhattan Community College College Discovery program, if they grind it out would be in a position to transfer to the HEOP program, at Columbia, NYU, Barnard or any of the other 64 HEOP programs or SUNY EOP programs (Bing/Stony brook/Purchase, etc.). Um NYS, you can remain in the program through grad school (SUNY).</p>

<p>If money is an issue, I always advise my students to follow the money. Since you do not have to withdraw any applications and you will still be in the running for other EOP programs (because you each participating school runs their own program), I agree with SCM, that a bird in the hand is better than 2 in the bush. </p>

<p>The worse that can happen is if you are not accepted to any other schools, you will have the chance to transfer as an EOP student to another program. </p>

<p>Right now, you have no idea if you are going to be picked up by another program. TO pass on this now, means that you would be giving up your financial safety (because the program meets 100% of your financial need including a book stipend. You may have a loan, but you will not have any gaps in your financial aid). Take the slot. You can always give it up at a later date. If in April when all of your acceptances are in, you may find it is the best financial place for you do be. congrats.</p>

<p>Thank you for clarifying the EOP type of admittance. It sounds like a "sort" of early decision type of program whereby you accept when offered. It's nice that it's possible to withdraw at a later date.</p>