I Got In!!!

<p>Postponed at first but just got in! never been so happy in my life!!!</p>

<p>cya guys in the fall! :)</p>

<p>A huge congratulations! Woo hoo! :D</p>

<p>Welcome to UW!</p>

<p>congrats viperm!! I know you've been waiting like me so I'm happy that you were able to hear some good news!</p>

<p>Good 4 You, I'm rlly happy 4 u! u deserve it man.</p>

<p>Congrats. Your first assignment is to cheer for the Badgers in the NCAA basketball tourney. We need to win three games to beat the critics.</p>

<p>IU is stll better btw...go hoosiers!</p>

<p>Scoreboard Baby. 62-49, 68-66. Swept.</p>

<p>WI got lucky..... anyways even though we u said happened </p>

<p>Indiana beat Purdue! (IU>PU)
Purdue beat WI twice! (PU>WI)
Therefore, Indiana should be better than WI! (IU>PU>WI)</p>

<p>haha I win! Love logic</p>

<p>IU/PU is a rivalry game and records don't matter much. Also the coach was a big fat cheater.</p>

<p>Wisco is looking strong, Call me crazy but I belive they will reach the final 4.</p>

<p>nonono, another upset 2nd round. I wanna see Drake vs. Wisc. Drake will prbabaly win. tht emminicker kid is soo good.</p>

<p>It still baffles me that Drake is so good. They must recruit extremely heavily. They are such a small school and they are ranked what 22nd?</p>