I got into ELC!

<p>"Congratulations! According to UC calculations, you rank in the top 9 percent of students from your high school. We will make every effort to offer you admission to at least one UC campus."</p>

<p>Anyone else?! And does anyone know which school are going to have guaranteed admission? Even if none are, does it slightly boost your application?</p>

<p>Wow, I haven't heard of this, but I'm from east coast. Ask other Californians here:</p>

<p>California</a> Colleges - College Confidential</p>

<p>Yes, ELC guarantees you into at least one UC campus. But it doesn't guarantee the major or the campus you want to apply to. UCLA/UCB says most of their students are ELC qualified but only 20% get in. I would say your GPA/SAT is what is going to determine your campus. Where are you located and what is your GPA/SAT? UCD takes quite a bit of ELC students (from northern CA)</p>

<p>I'm pretty sure the campus you are guranteed to get into is either UC Riverside or UC Merced...it's not any of the good ones...</p>

<p>I'm from SoCal and my GPA is a 3.75, SAT 1800. I'd be happy if it were UCR or UCM that way I know I have a backup school.</p>

<p>It sounds like UCR would be your backup then. Also dont sell yourself short. If you are at 3.75/1800 and at the top 5%, then clearly your school demographics/location might have something to do with it. Expand on all of that in your essay.</p>

<p>it absolutely is not a guarantee to berkeley, UCLA, UCSD or even UCR. At least you know that you are guaranteed a spot in one of the other UC's.</p>

<p>UC riverside seems like a match.
University</a> of California - Freshman admission profile</p>

<p>You should get a letter telling you which schools guarantee ELC. My D's year Davis did.</p>