I got into my school of choice...But...

So I got into my first choice school, SFSU Industrial design (because it’s a 2 year program, instead of 4-5). However, I got “in” the school. I need help clearing up this confusion.
The school undergraduate admissions dept. sent me an email congratulating me on getting accepted into SFSU with my class year (jr.) and department (industrial design, and not my “second” major). The other day I got the acceptance package, and have an option of now confirming or declining my admission to the school.

When I called the design department, they said I’m a “pre-major, and you can be waitlisted, accepted or declined”. They’re supposed to make their decision soon and let us know by mid-feb/march…Supposedly. They also stated (this was in December) that they haven’t even looked at the applications. I find it extremely hard to believe that some poor person(s) will sit there and flick through hundreds of applications.

So I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. I have a clear acceptance letter stating my department and major from the school, then the department itself saying they’ll let me know if I’m in the major by march, and I may be waitlisted, accepted or tossed into my second major (turned down). However, I don’t even have the required classes for my second major, really.

I’m utterly confused at this point. Undergraduate department says “yes, we have you listed as a student in industrial design as a junior” and the department says they haven’t even made decisions.

Do I hit accept or not? I don’t want to accept, then end up somehow not being in my major.

Why is this so confusing?

Did I just get a “likely letter” ???

I wanted to add, I sent in my application + supplemental application for the design program on October 8th. So, pretty much a little over a week when the applications first opened.

The supplemental program application at http://design.sfsu.edu/sites/default/files/documents/DESIGN%20Supplemental%20Application%20Fall%202019.pdf does list the criteria for admission to the major, and says that transfer applicants should receive notification from the admissions office.

If the deadline to decide whether to matriculate is not for a while, you have time to get everything sorted out between the admissions office and the design department.

I mean, I’ve tried, I simply posted what I got from both parties. Department says they haven’t accepted anyone yet, the school says I’m in as my selected major. I’m confused entirely at this whole process.

I’d hop on and accept right away if I knew for sure what was going on. I was hoping someone on here could clear this confusion up for me.